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* Four of the movie's characters, {{OBP|Melody|M02}}, [[Carol]], [[Maren]], and [[Professor Ivy]], each share their Japanese voice actresses with one character from the anime ''{{wp|Sailor Moon}}''. Melody's voice actress, [[Akiko Hiramatsu]], voiced the villain Calaveras in the ''Sailor Moon R'' arc. Carol's voice actress, {{wp|Aya Hisakawa}}, voiced {{wp|Ami Mizuno|Sailor Mercury}}. Maren's voice actress, [[Kotono Mitsuishi]], voiced {{wp|Usagi Tsukino|Sailor Moon}} herself, and Professor Ivy's voice actress, [[Keiko Han]], voiced {{wp|Cats (Sailor Moon)|Luna}} and {{wp|Queen Beryl}}.
* Ash follows up on the agreement he made with his mother at the end of the film after every [[region]], visiting [[Pallet Town]] before heading off to his next destination.
** In addition, Ash and Misty both directly reference the events of this movie upon meeting Silver during the Whirl Islands arc, where they recognize it as a Lugia and explicitly mention that they had previously encountered it during the Orange Islands.
* Pikachu and Zapdos are shown to be able to communicate through electricity, which {{MTR}} can understand.
** In ''[[XY004|A Shockingly Cheeky Friendship!]]'', Meowth is unable to translate electrical communication between {{AP|Pikachu}} and {{TP|Clemont|Dedenne}}, contradicting the events of this movie.
* As the green energy from Lugia's song is spreading over the frozen sea toward the three islands, the pillars that surround the Shamouti Shrine are seen at the bottom, but do not light up when their notes are played. They light up again in all subsequent scenes (until the song is over), including several other scenes that have a very similar point of view.
* In {{pmin|South Asia|India}}, Hungama TV used the original Japanese version of this movie as a source for the Hindi dub, instead of using the English dub as is done for the main anime episodes, resulting in several dubbing errors:
** [[Professor Ivy]] was is referred to by her Japanese name, despite having [[EP083|previously appeared]] using her dub name.
===Dub edits===
* When discovering that snow is occurring, Delia originally guessed that it was cherry blossoms, before realizing it was actually snow. The dub has her initially guess correctly that it was snow.
* In the scene where the heroes arrive at Shamouti Island and encounter the natives, Maren and Carol's background, specifically that they had gone to the [[Mandarin Island]] branch school and hadn't seen each other for five years, was cut. In addition, the Japanese version makes it explicit that the role of festival maiden is meant for children, something that the dub does not make clear.
* When meeting Misty, Melody tells her to try and not get jealous in a slightly snooty tone in the dub, while in the original, she instead says "Don't get so worked up! But y'know, to follow him all the way out here...I'd have to say you have pretty good taste." She also identifies Misty by name in the same scene before even being told her name in the dub, something that doesn't happen in the Japanese version.
** On a related note, Melody's banter to Misty was more friendly in the Japanese version than in the dub.
* The dub has Maren stating a punchline to a {{wp|Sexually transmitted infection|STD}}-related joke ("Krabbies" = "{{wp|Crab louse|Crabs}}").
* The scene where Melody explains the legend to Ash has her being more flirtatious in the dub and Ash being less gullible in the same. It also mentioned the process was supposed to be easy, which was later referenced in the film, although this got rewritten and with it the later reference.
* The "boy and friend" exchange was originally Misty stating that he just happens to be at the same places she was when denying following him this far. Tracey's response likewise was his claiming he himself does the same as well originally instead of asking if they were talking about him.
* Melody explains that their boat has the ability to climb up walls and rocky prefaces, something that's not made clear in the dub.
* Shortly after Misty and Melody's exchange and Melody scolding Ash for his recklessness, Jessie, James and Meowth's exchange was different: Originally, Jessie explained that Misty and Ash are ten years too young to get focused on romance anyways, with James also explaining that they themselves are already five years too old to focus on that anyhow, with Meowth summing it up by making a crack at how "love life" is foreign to them, to Jessie and James' chagrin. In the dub, Jessie mentioned that getting involved with the opposite sex is only asking for trouble, and James mentioned that he'd rather stay out of trouble, while Meowth quips that they've got each other and thus don't need the opposite sex, to their chagrin.
* Although Melody's line upon discovering a copy of the Shamouti Legend is translated well, her delivery was different between the two versions, having her react with recognition at the slab, while in the dub, she acts completely unfamiliar about it.
* Misty's speech to Lawrence III was altered. In the dub, she says that she considered his way of thinking of Pokémon as mere things to collect to be disgusting. In the original version, Misty was simply asking him why he used his methods to catch the legendary birds instead of [[Poké Ball]]s like regular Trainers. To this, Lawrence replies that he considered himself a collector, and feels that the collected things must be visibly on display, or they couldn't be called a collection.
** In addition, Lawrence in the dub version of the above scene mentions he started his collection from an Ancient Mew card. This information wasn't revealed in the Japanese film itself, but was mentioned in a promotional pamphlet released with the movie in Japan, alongside other elements of his character. It was added in to specifically tie in the final scene due to the pamphlet's distribution being replaced with the card itself when the movie was released in America.
* When the Pokémon are attempting to free Moltres, {{m|Thunderbolt}}, {{m|Water Gun}}, and {{m|Flamethrower}} are used simultaneously. Tracey's explanation, which was cut from the dub, is that "''electricity, plus fire, plus water… electricity {{wp|electrolysis|separates}} water into {{wp|hydrogen}} and {{wp|oxygen}}, which is then {{wp|combustion|recombined}} using fire which means&mdash;Everybody get down!''" However, this line is included in the [[Pokémon the Movie 2000 (book)|novelization]] and the [[Pokémon the Movie 2000 (graphic novel)|ani-manga]] with different dialogue: "''The water and electricity blasts are creating two gases, hydrogen and oxygen. If those two gases come into contact with Charizard's fire, there's going to be an &mdash;<explosion>.''"
** The English audio track on the DVD released in the 2007 Japanese box set simply cut to dead silence during this scene. The same was done during Professor Oak's explanation scene.