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Electivire (Pokémon)

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Biology: Could still be clearer, but this is less ambiguous
Electivire is a large humanoid creature covered in yellow fur with black stripes. It appears to lack a neck, and has red eyes, a black spot on its forehead, and a pair of antennae with bulbous tips. A pattern on Electivire’s back resembles an electric outlet. The fur on its cheeks and shoulders is spiky and ruffled. It has two black tails with red rounded ends, resembling open electrical wires. Electivire has black feet with three, clawed toes, and five black fingers on each of its hands.
Electivire is known to be recklessly careless regarding enemy attacks. The tips of its tails generate electricity, which it shocksshock opponents on contact with over 20,000 volts on contact. It can also electrify its punches by gripping on to its tails. Blue sparks fly between its antennae as its electric charge amplifies. It thumps its chest when excited, causing thunder and sparks to fly around it. Electivire usually feed off electric currents. In [[AG192|the anime]], Electivire has been seen eating fruits from trees. A single Electivire is capable of powering a large city for an entire year.
==In the anime==