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Kanga and Li'l Kanga

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In ''[[PAXY03|Inn-teresting Developments]]'', the group arrives in [[Aquacorde Town]], and X decides to camp out in a tent while {{adv|Y}} and the others stay at an inn for the night. The inn turns out to be a trap set up by Team Flare, who attempt to keep Y and the others trapped inside the building while Aliana and Mable kidnap Li'l Kanga while X isn't looking. Y manages to escape and inform X of what is going on. X attempts to Mega Evolve Li'l Kanga to stop Aliana and Mable, but it does not work, so he instead teams up with [[Marisso|Chespin]] to rescue Li'l Kanga and defeat the Team Flare scientists.
In ''[[PAXY06|The Aegislash Agenda]]'', X and {{adv|Trevor}} attempt to learn more about Mega Evolution by practicing against wild Pokémon, but their attempts to have Li'l Kanga transform end in failure. The group is then approached by [[Viola]], who offers them sanctuary against Team Flare and assistance in finding out more about Mega Evolution. The group decides to accept and spends the night in Viola's [[Gym]]. There, X is challenged to a battle by Viola, which he accepts and wins with Kanga. Later that night, [[Celosia]] uses a mind-controlled {{adv|Shauna}} to steal Kanga's {{DL|Mega Stone|[[Kangaskhanite}}]] while everyone else is sleeping. When everyone figures out what's happening, X immediately begins chasing after Celosia to get the Mega Stone back from her. He is assisted by [[Korrina]], who has her {{TP|Korrina|Lucario}} Mega Evolve and help X fight Celosia's {{p|Aegislash}}. With Viola's help by holding Celosia down, X retrieves the Kangaskhanite and has Li'l Kanga Mega Evolve to help Korrina's {{p|Lucario}}. The combined might of the two Mega-Evolved Pokémon forces Celosia to run away.
In ''[[PAXY10|Pangoro Poses a Problem]]'', Kanga and Li'l Kanga teamed up with Marisso and [[Salamè]] to battle the [[Lumiose Press editor-in-chief]] to protect [[Alexa]]. Kanga battles against his {{p|Pangoro}} and is unable to land an attack, so X Mega Evolves Li'l Kanga to fight as well, but the two are still unable to land an attack. Frustrated X attempts to get Marisso and Salamè to help, but notices they won't listen to him due to the editor's {{p|Spewpa}}'s {{m|Rage Powder}}. The two eventually defeat the Spewpa and are left exhausted, allowing Pangoro to grab Marisso and Salamè with its paws. X then told Salamè to release his tail, which caused Pangoro's leaf to burn up. Without the leaf allowing it to sense what Kanga and Li'l Kanga were doing the two sent it flying out a window, defeating it.