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Alain's Charizard

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Alain met Charizard as a {{p|Charmander}} when he was still one of [[Professor Sycamore]]'s assistants. He took Charmander with him on his journey to find [[Mega Stone]]s.
Later, Charmander evolved into {{p|Charmeleon}} sometime before Alain contacted Professor Sycamore. It battled [[Lysandre's Pyroar]] for an {{DL|Mega Stone|[[Ampharosite}}]] and lost. Some time after Alain received a Mega Ring and {{DL|Mega Stone|[[Charizardite X}}]], Charmeleon evolved into {{p|Charizard}}.
Charizard made its official debut in ''[[SS029|Mega Evolution Special I]]'' where Alain sent it out to battle [[Astrid]]'s {{p|Absol}}. Charizard began with {{m|Flamethrower}} while Absol countered with {{m|Psycho Cut}}. Afterwards, Alain [[Mega Evolution|Mega Evolved]] Charizard to {{me|Charizard}} X while Astrid did the same to her Absol. Charizard then used {{m|Steel Wing}} and clashed with Absol's {{m|Megahorn}}. After withstanding a powerful {{m|Dragon Claw}} and Flamethrower, Absol fired off its {{m|Dark Pulse}}. Charizard then countered with {{m|Blast Burn}} which overpowered the attack and defeated Absol. After the battle, Charizard sat with Alain by a flowing river.