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660 bytes added, 01:51, 1 February 2018
*Bug fixes
**Fixed bug causing wheel piece expansion not working after leveling up a figure past level 6 with Carmonite
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| 5.0.8
| February 1, 2018
*Content update
**Added AI Ticket exchange
**{{TFG ID|Duel|Keldeo|130}} had its Dodge changed to Water Jump
**{{TCG ID|Duel|Hariyama|132}} had one of its Slap Push attacks changed to Heavy Slam, the other Slap Push's damage increased (40→60), and the size of Miss decreased
**{{TCG ID|Duel|Drowzee|69}} had the wheel piece sizes of Hypnosis and Confusion increased and the size of Miss decreased
*Bug fixes
**Fixed Fusion Bolt and Fusion Flare Abilities not triggering their figure exclusion effect when their figures were knocked out via direct knockout effect while having a Special Condition-->
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