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'''Ultra Space Wilds''' (Japanese: '''ウルトラスペースゼロ''' ''Ultra Space Zero'') is the home of various Pokémon not native to [[Alola]], accessible through warp holes in [[Ultra Warp Ride]], located several thousand {{wp|light-year}}s from Alola. It only appears in {{g|Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon}}.
[[Legendary Pokémon]] and [[Shiny Pokémon]] are more likely to appear the farther the player gets in Ultra Warp Ride. The Legendary Pokémon which appears is distinguished by its cry before battling it.
Any {{p|Pikachu}}, {{p|Cubone}} or {{p|Exeggcute}} that evolves into {{p|Raichu}}, {{p|Marowak}}, or {{p|Exeggutor}} while the player is in the Ultra Space Wilds will evolve into their normal forms rather than their [[regional variant|Alolan forms]].
Only one Pokémon will appear once per visit. If the Pokémon in question is a Legendary Pokémon, the screen will flash white and a message will be displayed on screen upon entry into that area within Ultra Space. Legendary Pokémon found here will respawn indefinitely until caught. In addition, all Pokémon found here have a perfect 31 in at least 3 of their [[individual values]].
==Cliff World==