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Shellder (Pokémon)

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While in its crown form, Shellder will periodically release its venom into Slowking's brain. This is actually beneficial to Slowking, as it causes the Regal Pokémon's intelligence to increase. Higher quantities of venom intensify this effect, and Shellder is easily provoked into releasing more whenever Slowking yawns.
Shellder has two former [[signature move]]s. It can shoot spears of ice by using {{m|Icicle Spear}}, or clamp tightly to its opponents using {{m|Clamp}}. Despite its hard shell, clamping on to an opponent will reveal its vulnerable parts. Because of this, it will only clamp itself to a foe as a last resort. It swims around its {{DL|List of Pokémon by habitat|sea floor}} home by rapidly opening and closing its shell while facing backward. {{p|Kingler}}, {{p|Omastar}}, and {{p|Bruxish}} are natural predators of Shellder.
==In the anime==