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'''Paris''' (Japanese: '''パリス''' ''Paris'') is a [[character of the day]] in the [[Pokémon anime]] who appeared in ''[[DP086|Arriving in Style!]]''. She is a well-known [[Pokémon Stylist]] and a former student of [[Hermione]]. She often says the French phrase "{{tt|très bien|very good}}."
SheParis met with {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} in front of the [[Hearthome Gym]]. There, she suggested {{an|Dawn}} to enter her {{TP|Dawn|Buneary}} and Ash his {{AP|Pikachu}} in the famous Pokémon fashion show, the [[Hearthome Collection]], of which she was one of the judges.
During the competition, Paris was onepleasantly ofsurprised with the judgesstyle inexhibited by Ash's Pikachu and commented on the Hearthomeuniqueness Collectionof his performance, as his getup greatly differed from the outfits usually displayed in these events. She oftenalso saysspoke thepositively about Dawn's Buneary's dress and necklace, complimenting Dawn for using minimalism Frenchto phrasehighlight "{{tt|trèsher bien|veryPokémon's good}}charm."
InPrior ''[[DP191to {{an|MemoriesEnta}} areannouncing Madethe of Bliss!]]''results, shewhen appeared{{TRT}} onthreatened to steal the coverprizes ofintended to the {{DL|MagazinesTop in3 thecontestants, PokémonParis world|Pokéused Chicher {{p|Lopunny}} magazineto withdamage Lopunnytheir [[Team Rocket's mechas|mecha]] and insend athem photoblasting off with Dawn,the herhelp Lopunny,of Dawn and Hermione at [[Johanna]]'sher houseBuneary.
According to Hermione, Paris's successful career has led many people to wanting to become a Pokémon Stylist.
Paris reappeared in ''[[DP191|Memories are Made of Bliss!]]'', where she was seen on the cover of the {{DL|Magazines in the Pokémon world|Poké Chic}} magazine with her Lopunny, and in a [[Photography|photo]] with Dawn, Lopunny, and Hermione at [[Johanna]]'s house.
==Voice actors==
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|ja=生天目仁美 ''[[Hitomi Nabatame]]''
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| Japanese
| パリス ''Paris''
| From {{jwp|パリ}} ({{wp|Paris}}), one of the leading {{wp|fashion capital}}s
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| English, French, German,<br>Italian, Spanish
| Paris
| Same as Japanese name
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