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Black Belt (Trainer class)

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A '''Black Belt''' (Japanese: '''カラテおう''' ''Karate King''), spelled '''Blackbelt''' (Japanese: '''からておう''' ''Karate King'') in Generations I and II, is a [[Trainer class]] that debuted in the [[Generation I]] games. They are generally depicted as generic martial artists, in headband and ''gi'' striking a fighting pose. In [[Generation VII]], they sport a much older appearance and keep their Pokémon in {{ball|Ultra}}s.
Black Belts are the male counterparts of the {{tc|Battle Girl}} and {{tc|Crush Girl}} classes. When paired with Crush Girls, {{tc|Psychic}}s, or male {{tc|Preschooler}}s, or other Black Belts in [[Double Battle]]s, they are called {{tc|Crush Kin}}, {{tc|Brains & Brawn}}, or {{tc|Karate Family}}, or {{tc|Sparring Partners}}, respectively.
They specialize in {{type|Fighting}} Pokémon. In the [[Battle Subway]], they specialize in {{t|Fighting}}-, {{t|Fire}}-, and {{type|Steel}} Pokémon. In the [[Battle Maison]], they specialize in Fighting-, Fire-, and {{type|Rock}} Pokémon.