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Ledyba (Pokémon)

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Ledyba is similar to a red {{wp|ladybug}} with a pattern of five black spots on its back. This pattern slightly differs slightly between different Ledyba. Ledyba's carapace and back (when the wing covers are lifted) are yellow, and its eyes are large and round. Ledyba also has six black legs with hands that resemble boxing gloves and two black antennae. A female Ledyba has a shorter antennae than a male Ledyba does. It has a pair of clear wings underneath its wing covers.
Ledyba is a gregarious Pokémon, to such an extent that it will be timid, stricken with doubt, afraid or even unable to move if it is alone. Ledyba secretes an aromatic fluid from where its legs join its body, which it uses to communicate with other Ledyba. Ledyba conveys its feelings to other Ledyba by altering the fluid's scent, smelling sour when angered. It is very sensitive to cold, so during cold weather, many Ledyba gather together to cluster and keep each other warm. Ledyba [[EP128|has been shown]] to serve a role in pollinating the fruit-producing plants of the [[Pokémon world]], and is usually instructed to do so by means of a special whistle. However, like most Pokémon, it will also able to respond to regular vocal commands. Ledyba builds its nest on leaves in the {{DL|List of Pokémon by habitat|Forest Pokémon|forest}}, joining together and using {{m|Reflect}} to protect its home when needed.