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Upon their return to the real world, Sophocles thanks the player and leaves. The player's [[Mom (Alola)|mother]] then shows her {{p|Meowth}}'s new trick: it learned how to turn on the TV by observing her. That's when the player watches an interview of [[Lusamine]] at [[Aether Paradise]].
On TV, Lusamine explainselaborates on the recent events on [[Poni Island]] involving {{p|Necrozma}} and assures everyone the incident is dealt with. During the interview, [[Wicke]] and [[Faba]] stand behind her and the latter quietly slips away. Suddenly, an [[Ultra Wormhole]] appears in the sky and the cameraman gets pushed by a Team Rainbow Rocket Grunt and drops his camera. A mysterious figure arrives and says the studies and technologies that are being worked on at Aether Paradise will be of great use to [[Team Rainbow Rocket]].
===Episode RR===