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Mimikyu (Pokémon)

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Trivia: Cleanup/rewrite to fit encyclopedic tone. I can only find a single source via Google about the girl on Halloween, and given its context and tone I suspect it's modern (i.e. inauthentic).
Mimikyu's disguise is based on {{p|Pikachu}}. The execution of the disguise is similar to ghost costumes made from bedsheets. Mimikyu also shares similarities towith the {{wp|Bugul Noz}}, alsoa known{{wp|Breton asmythology|Breton the Night Shepard. Bugul Nozmyth}} hadabout a verykind uglyand appearancegentle thatfairy evenspirit animalswhose runhorrifying awayugliness in fear. It one day finale gained a friend who was not afraid ascauses it metto a blind girl on Halloween. The fact that a female trainer owns a Mimikyu in the official Mimikyu song seems tobe mirrorperpetually thisalone.
====Name origin====