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Claydol (Pokémon)

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Claydol is a large, black Pokémon that resembles a mud statue with two stubby legs. It has a wide, spherical head with a rounded protrusion on top. Around its head are many large, pink eyes with yellow, beak-like protrusions between each. A wavy, white rim runs along the upper edges of the eyes. Its torso has white ring markings, each with a downward extension and yellow dot in the middle. It has spherical arms with a rounded protrusion that are capable of firing beams. These arms are not attached to its body, but are usually kept floating close by Claydol's psychic powers. Claydol uses the same telekinetic abilities to move and float through the air. It lives in {{DL|List of Pokémon by habitat|Rough-terrain Pokémon|rough terrains}}.
It has a body that is prone to melting when wet, and uses its psychic powers to protect itself from rain. Ancient people modeled Claydol after something that descended from the sky.
==In the anime==