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Pokémon in Latin America

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Local events rarely occurred in Latin American countries, particularly in a single country exclusively. The events were usually announced on the [[Poké]] website but in [[Generation V]], the events are announced on the web sites of the stores hosting the events. Starting with Generation VI, events are announced by the stores and/or Nintendo Latin America's Facebook page.
The distribution of local Pokémon events hashad only been in the countries of Mexico and Chile in 2010 during [[Generation IV]]. However, two local distributions have occurred in [[Generation V]], {{p|Keldeo}} and {{p|Meloetta}}, in more Latin American countries.
Nowadays, since the use of Wi-Fi connection has become more common, Latin American players can download all worldwide events for the games, making special Pokémon considerably easier to obtain than before. Events held up in stores, however, are still mostly unheard of.
Since 2016, most North American distribution events are also extended to Latin American stores, with codecards in Spanish, but no longer announces them since they have no News page for Latin America.
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