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Trubbish (Pokémon)

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Biology: Cleanup.
Trubbish resembles a full, dark green garbage bag that with a knot at the top that acts like ears. Trubbish has oval-shaped eyes and large triangular teeth that resemble broken glass. Its arms that look like trash spilling out of small tears in the bag with pink and blue objects protruding out of them. Its feet are dark green and stubby.
This Pokémon was created when a mixture of domestic and industrial waste underwent a chemical reaction of some sort. Trubbish emits noxious, burp-like gases which, when inhaled, will render the victim bedridden for a week. This gas can also prove fatal when inhaled by young Pokémon and children. As evidenced [[BW012|in the anime]], Trubbish's ear-like tufts stand straight up when startled, are lifted if happy, and lowered if it is feeling down. Furthermore, in the same episode, it is also explained that once Trubbish befriends a person, it will cease expelling foul odors. It prefers unsanitary places, such as garbage dumps. In [[Alola]], {{palo|Grimer|Alolan Grimer}} is theira naturalcommon enemy of Trubbish, whileand {{palo|Muk|Alolan Muk}} ispreys aon natural predator of Trubbishit.
==In the anime==