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While most Pokémon resemble animals and may behave like them, there are many that do not resemble animals at all; taking on other forms such as plants, inanimate objects, machines, human-like forms or other more enigmatic and exotic appearances. Pokémon inhabit an extremely diverse range of habitats, ranging from the driest [[desert]]s to the lushest jungles, the deepest oceans to the highest {{cat|mountains}} and everything else in-between, even [[Extraterrestrial Pokémon|outer space]] and other [[dimensions]]. Pokémon take up various ways of living in those places. However, all can be befriended and made into potential allies.
Many Pokémon are known to [[evolution|evolve]] from or into other Pokémon, a process that typically makes them larger and stronger, and more closely resembles growth and development or metamorphosis rather than {{wp|evolution|evolution in the real world}} (although this is not necessary). Pokémon typically know several [[move|techniques]] that they can use in {{pkmn|battle}} or elsewhere, either to defend themselves or their Trainer, or to perform a task. In the anime, most Pokémon are known only to say their name. In the games, each Pokémon has a [[cry|distinct voice associated with each species]].
==In the games==