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====Generation IV====
In {{game|Diamond and Pearl|s}}, due to [[List of glitches in Generation IV#U-turn Choice glitch|a glitch]], if a Pokémon uses {{m|U-turn}} and switches into a Pokémon holding a Choice BandSpecs that also knows U-turn, that Pokémon will be locked into U-turn. This was fixed in subsequent games.
====Generation V to VI====
From [[Generation V]] onward, if a Pokémon is already locked into a move due to a held Choice BandSpecs, if the held Choice BandSpecs is removed while its effect is negated, the Pokémon will be affected by the [[Choice item lock glitch]].
====Generation VII====
If a Pokémon holding a Choice BandSpecs uses a move other than the one it's locked into (such as through {{m|Instruct}} or {{a|Dancer}}), the move will fail and no {{PP}} will be deducted.