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Shiny probability is really better confined to that section. The intro sentence of that section mistakes the ceiling function for just parentheses, though
If a [[Pokémon outbreak|swarm]] ends while a chain is in progress, or a Pokémon otherwise ceases to become available, then that Pokémon will continue to be available until the chain is broken.
TheIf probabilitythe ofPoké encounteringRadar forces a Shiny Pokémon becomesto maximizedbe atShiny adue chainto lengthits ofincreased 40odds, atthe approximatelygame 1/200.will This isconstruct a substantial[[personality increasevalue]] fromthat fulfills the usualShininess probability of 1requirement.<ref>[http:/8192/ SinceThe up to four patchesProcess of grass appear each time the Poké Radar is used,PID and eachIV has an independent 1/200 chance, the overall probabilityCreation of findingNon-Bred atPokemon least- one Shiny patch for each reset of the Poké RadarSmogon is about 1University]</50.ref> It is possible, although very unlikely, for multiple Shiny patches to appear on one reset.<!-- There's a Smogon link and Youtube video somewhere that shows this, but I can't find it right now...--> Entering a Shiny patch will never break a chain. It is always possible for non-flashing patches to contain a Shiny Pokémon as well due to the normal, completely random chance of a Pokémon being Shiny.
One of the many functions of the [[Pokétch]] is to {{DL|Pokétch|Trainer Counter|display the current chain}} and the three best chains made so far.
====Shiny probability====
[[File:PokéRadarShinyProbability IV.png|thumb|right|The formula for the probability of a patch being Shiny. n<sub>c</sub> is the number of Pokémon in the chain, up to 40.]]
Based on theThe formula depictedto atthe right, describes the probability offor a patch beingto Shinycontain cana beShiny approximatedPokémon, aswhere 1n<sub>c</8000sub> foris athe chainlength of 1the chain, 1/7800up forto a chainlength of 2,40. 1/7600The forresults aof chainthis offormula 3,are anddepicted soin onthe uptable toshown 1/200below. forAs athe chaintable ofshows, 40.the Sinceodds upof tofinding 4a grassShiny patchesPokémon canincrease shakeslowly at a single timefirst, thisbut probabilityeventually canthey beincrease upby tolarger 4and timeslarger asamounts, high,until givingreaching the playermaximum aboutof a 1/50200 chance of finding a shinyShiny patchPokémon atfor a chain of length of 40. Noteor thatgreater. itThese takesodds ado whilenot for a chain to start paying off -exceed the probability does not exceed thatodds of the [[Masuda method]] until a chain length of 33. Afteris that point, the probabilities start to increase very strongly, with a chain of 40 having double the probability (1/200) compared to a chain of 39 (1/400). While the probability of finding a Shiny patch increases as chain length increases, normal non-Shiny patches will always have the usual 1/8192 chance of containing a Shiny Pokémonreached.
AsSince allup Pokémonto gamesfour priorgrass topatches Generationcan Vshake performat calculationsa strictlysingle with integerstime, therethe existprobability someof roundofffinding errorsa Shiny Pokémon in a given use of the probabilityPoké Radar can be up to 4 determinationtimes (as notedhigh, bygiving the ceilingplayer functiona inmaximum theof formula).approximately Aa game-accurate1/50 listchance of probabilitiesfinding fora eachShiny Pokémon at a chain islength asof follows:40.
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<nowiki>*</nowiki>A Shinychain patchlength cannotof appear0 onis athe chainfirst lengthuse of 0the Poké Radar, and the Poké Radar cannot force a Pokémon to be Shiny at this point (which would result in a flashing patch)<!-- add Smogon link sometime-->; however, but all non-Shinythe patches still have the usualdefault 1/8192 chance of encountering a Shiny Pokémon.
====List of Radar-exclusive Pokémon====
==On Bulbagarden forums==
* [ Shiny Pokémon with the Poké Radar]