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[[File:EP077 error.png|thumb|200px|Professor Oak's eyebrows]]
* When Officer Jenny commands her {{p|Growlithe}} to use {{m|Flamethrower}}, she incorrectly refers to it as Arcanine in the dub, and its cry is also identical to the Arcanine in the previous episode.
**However, this error is corrected in Castilian Spanish dub
* In one shot, {{an|Professor Oak}}'s eyebrows change to large and gray.
* For a split second during the cut between the commercial break and the first half of the "Who's That Pokémon" segment, the first quarter second of the Japanese "Who's That Pokémon" segment can be seen. Though mostly obscured by the dubs whiteout transition effect, one can clearly make out the Japanese "Pocket Monster" logo in the lower right-hand corner.