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* The episode's title has the same name as one of Robert Frost's Poems.
* {{Ash}}'s challenger on the Rock Field is left unnamed in both versions.
* {{an|Misty}} mentions {{stat|Hit Points}} in this episode, the only time it is referenced in the anime. This was in the dub only, however.
* {{an|Brock}}'s ability to identify fake [[Nurse Joy]]s is first seen in this episode.
* As Ash is looking for a place to eat he passes a movie theater with a poster for ''{{DL|Movies in the Pokémon world|Pokémon in Love}}'', the movie of which he helped produce.
* [[Pikachu's Jukebox]]: [[2.B.A. Master]]
* North American DVD releases and [[Pokémon TV]] cut roughly 13 seconds from this episode. Immediately after Ash and Pikachu pass by the movie theater showing ''Pokémon in Love'', there are several shots showing Pokémon-related merchandise, including Clefairy figures, Gengar cotton candy, and Cubone bobbleheads. Pikachu taps the head on one of the bobbleheads, causing it to bob and say its name. Ash and Pikachu laugh and move on. This segment is still present in the broadcast and streaming versions, as well as Australian DVDs.
* Ash's "collection plate" joke is dub-only; in the original he just states he doesn't have any money.
* Ash asks Pikachu if he's practicing to be in the circus while spinning a plate but in the original he warns him the people in the restaurant will get angry.
* In the original, Team Rocket references getting expensive makeup from [[Hollywood]] and having to patch together their older balloons; in the dub they talk about taking a vacation and leaving with Pikachu as a souvenir.
* {{an|Misty}} mentions {{stat|Hit Points}} in the dub, the only time it is referenced in the anime. She just talks about "taking damage" in the original, however.
* The "take a dive" misunderstanding was originally referring to a Japanese proverb equivalent to "fortune favors the bold", but with the Japanese word for float (浮かぶ).
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