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** This also happens after {{Gary}}'s battle, therefore it may have been intentional and was simply changed in future episodes.
* After {{Ash}} tries to recall {{AP|Krabby}}, the announcer states that Exeggutor's {{m|Barrage}} was preventing him from doing so, when it was really Egg Bomb.
* On the Ice Field, the announcer says that the battle is ''just beginning'', but one Trainer has two Pokémon remaining, and the other has one Pokémon remaining.
* {{p|Seaking}} is said to use {{m|Horn Drill}} against {{p|Tentacruel}}, but it was actually a {{m|Horn Attack}}.
* Gary's comments on the battle to the news reporter are a bit more goading towards Ash in the dub. In the original, he just says he's relieved because everything went according to plan.
* Brock saying he wants a chocolate shake in response to Ash and the stadium shaking is nowhere to be found in the original; instead he unconvincingly claims that he isn't nervous neither.
* TheOn PAthe makes [[PokémonWater worldField in relationthe todub, the realannouncer world|asays referencethat tothe abattle real-lifeis event]]''about byto sayingbegin'', thatbut {{p|Exeggutor}}'sone {{m|EggTrainer Bomb}}has makestwo Pokémon remaining, and the sceneother lookhas likeone Pokémon remaining. In the {{wp|Independenceoriginal, Dayhe (Unitedsays States)|Fourthit's ofabout to July}}end.
* The PA makes [[Pokémon world in relation to the real world|a reference to a real-life event]] in the dub by saying that {{p|Exeggutor}}'s {{m|Egg Bomb}} makes the scene look like the {{wp|Independence Day (United States)|Fourth of July}}. In the original, he just says it looks like fireworks.
* The trainer's book says that Trainers should conduct themselves with dignity and restraint in the dub. In the original, it says that the second round is two days later.