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Dub edits
===Dub edits===
* [[Pikachu's Jukebox]]: [[Together Forever]]
* In the original, Gary says Ash is lucky to not be up against him, then speaks of a promise he supposedly made that Ash would lose, prompting Ash to question where said promise came from. In the dub, Gary says he'd feel terrible if Ash lost, then tells Ash he wants the pleasure of beating him as a Pokémon Master. Ash then responds with a sarcastic remark about Gary's overconfidence.
* Gary's comments on the battle to the news reporter are a bit more goading towards Ash in the dub. In the original, he just says he's relieved because everything went according to plan.
* Brock saying he wants a chocolate shake in response to Ash and the stadium shaking is nowhere to be found in the original; instead he unconvincingly claims that he isn't nervous neither.
* The trainer's book says that Trainers should conduct themselves with dignity and restraint in the dub. In the original, it says that the second round is two days later.
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