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Rotom Pokédex (anime)

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In ''[[SM017|Crystal-Clear Sleuthing!]]'', Rotom was shown to be a big fan of the detective show Alolan Detective Laki and impersonated [[Laki]] throughout the episode. Upon finding out that Ash had lost his [[Electrium Z]], Rotom decided solve the case. After learning about a camera crew that had been filming at the Pokémon School, it went to the Alola TV station, where it copied the video from one of the cameras and updated itself with a video camera function. Using its new function, Rotom concluded that {{an|Kiawe}} was the culprit, but was proven wrong by {{an|Lillie}}. It was then revealed that the Z-Crystal had been stuck inside Rotom's wig the whole time. At the end of the episode, Rotom offered to help Ash and Kiawe with their {{pkmn|training}} by recording it.
In ''[[SM022|A Shivering Shovel Search]]'', whilst Ash and Kiawe were having a practice battle on the beach, a {{p|Sandygast}} appeared, which prompts Rotom to display its information. After it was attacked by Rockruff, who knocked off the shovel on its head, causing the Sandygast to fly into a rage, Ash tried to placate it by inserting Rotom upside down in its place. This in turn further enraged the Sandygast, prompting it to evolve into {{p|Palossand}}, who grew to a massive size and swallowed Ash. Rotom then displayed the data on Palossand, after which Ash's Pokémon and his friends attempted to save the two. However this ended up with {{AP|Litten}} also being captured by it, and together with Rotom have their energy absorbed by Palossand, which caused Rotom to start malfunctioning. Eventually, the gang dealt with Palossand by freezing it (with Rotom enduring the situation by comparing it with his favourite TV show) with [[Snowy]]'s {{M|Powder Snow}}. After Ash and Litten managed to escape from within, they saved Rotom by quickly switching him with Pallosand's lost shovel, which {{an|Lana}} and {{TP|Lana|Popplio}} managed to retrieve.
In ''[[SM023|Getting the Band Back Together!]]'', Rotom updated itself again with a {{wp|Sampling (signal processing)|voice sampling}} function by extracting data from [[DJ Leo]]'s [[DJ]] equipment. It used this function in [[SM024|the next episode]] to give Ash's speech for him during the Visiting Day at the Pokémon School, but both ended up getting caught due to Rotom getting carried away.