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Changes from Red, Green, and Blue
* [[Giovanni]] uses a {{p|Persian}} in the battle at the [[Viridian Gym]], referencing the anime {{an|Giovanni}} owning a Persian.
* All policemen were recast as [[Officer Jenny]]s and all [[Pokémon Center Nurse]]s were recast as [[Nurse Joy]]s (attended by a {{p|Chansey}}).
* {{p|Pikachu}}, {{p|Bulbasaur}}, {{p|Sandshrew}}, {{p|Oddish}}, {{p|Jigglypuff}} and {{p|OddishClefairy}} receive new overworld sprites. Pikachu also receives a unique icon on the [[party]] screen.
* [[Kanto]] is slightly redesigned a second time, featuring different designs for doors, signposts, windows, and other minor elements.
* Enhanced compatibility with the [[Game Boy Color]] is present outside of Japan, providing color palette changes as the player switches locations, whereas the Japanese version is similar to the previous [[core series]] [[Generation I]] games in that it only has [[Super Game Boy]] support.
** {{p|Farfetch'd}} and {{p|Lickitung}}, previously available only through in-game trades, now appear as [[wild Pokémon]].
** {{p|Abra}}, previously available on the routes north of [[Cerulean City]], has now been relocated to the four routes surrounding [[Saffron City]].
* A trash can was added next to the table at [[Professor Oak's Laboratory]].
===Gameplay changes===
* {{m|Kinesis}} is given to {{p|Kadabra}} as its [[signature move]]. In the previous games, {{m|Kinesis}} was never used and the only way it might appear would be if randomly called by {{m|Metronome}}.
* A new mode, "Colosseum 2", was added to the [[Pokémon Center#Generation I|Cable Club]].
* The [[Viridian City]] [[Poké Mart]] now sells [[Potion]]s. The NPC complaining about Potions not being sold in Pokémon Red and Blue now states that the Mart finally sells Potions again.
===Storyline changes===