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Requests: Why did I just write that, that's super unclear ; I'm wondering if the "Do you know" about the questionnaire deserves to be separated a bit (like the Listens)... I'll need to know more
| Do you know how I feel?
| Take me to a place you think I'd like!
| Depends on the owner's gender (the right gender depends on an undetermined factor<!--not gender--> from the requestor)
For the "Take me to a place you think I'd like!" request, the right and wrong answers depend on the gender of the person who owns each facility. That is, if two facilities are owned by females, then the current requestor will either like or dislike both, and the opposite will be true for the rest that are owned by males. It is unclear what influences which gender is the correct one for each request.
The player can back out of any recommendation request without exhausting it, meaning they can speak to the person again later to complete the request.
The "I want to meet! I want to meet!" whisper is followed by a request of the form, "Among the people in Festival Plaza, I’d like to meet one with awesome [some records] and high [some Rank]." The player is shown a selection of guests and VIPs to browse, check records (with their rank visible as "No. X" on the left side of the rankings), and eventually select from; however, this selection does not comprise all people in Festival Plaza and if the player backs out and speaks to the requestor again, the selection can change. If the player selects someone with a rank of 1-9, they will be rewarded with 30 FC if the requestor is not a VIP; if they select someone with a rank of 10-25, they will be rewarded with 15 FC; otherwise they will receive 5 FC. If enough visitors are tied that only high ranks are possible, then if the selected person has a rank that is the worst possible rank, the player may receive a smaller reward. This request is not exhausted if the player backs out of it before selecting a person.
The "Do you understand?"{{sup/7|SM}}/"Do you know?"{{sup/7|USUM}} whisper is somewhat similar, asking, "Is my [Something] Rank higher or lower than the midpoint among your [guests/VIPs]?" This may also be using the same basic criteria as the request above, meaning that it is asking how the value of their ranking compares with the value of half of the total number of guests or VIPs (depending on which the person is). This request cannot be backed out of after speaking to the requestor. In Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, thethis whisper hasmay beenalternatively renamedlead to "Do you know?", and the person may alternatively askasking the player to correctly guess his or hertheir answer to a questionnaire. This kind of request is not exhausted if the player backs out of it before selecting an answer.
The "Battle! Battle!" whisper is followed by, "Let's have a record battle among these three, shall we?", and the person presents the player with three different types of records. The player is also given an option to see their accomplishments for the three records in question. When the player chooses a record to battle with, if their record is higher than the requestor's, they are rewarded with Festival Coins. A tie does not earn a reward. Backing out of this request does not exhaust it.