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Reshiram (Pokémon)

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outdated/irrelevant trivia
* Reshiram was first revealed simultaneously alongside {{p|Zekrom}} on both the official English and Japanese Pokémon websites on May 28, 2010. This makes them the first two Pokémon simultaneously revealed worldwide.
* Reshiram, as well as {{p|Zekrom}}, made an appearance alongside {{p|Pikachu}} and a [[Poké Ball]] in 2010's {{wp|Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade}}.
* Although Reshiram has a {{Shiny}} palette, {{game|Black and White|s}} are programmed so that a Shiny Reshiram cannot be encountered. It shares this trait with {{p|Zekrom}} and {{p|Victini}}. However, in Pokémon Omega Ruby, it is possible to encounter a Shiny Reshiram.