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The episode starts off with {{AshTRT}} andfinishes {{ashfr}}their walkinglatest alongpitfall atrap pathjust towardsin time for {{to|MahoganyAsh}} as usual. Just ahead of the road,and {{TRTashfr}} is finished with creating yet another hole for the group to fall into. They cover it. upThe fastgroup asrealize soonthat asit Ashhas isbeen invery sightpeaceful andlately, hideso downAsh indecides someto brush that's nearby. Just astest the group walksby up,jumping Ashon recallsit. allTeam thoseRocket timesare thatshocked anas ordinary road turns out to be a pitfalltheir trap. Ashisn't jumpsbeing aboutactivated, nothingso happens,they thenemerge triesfrom againtheir shrubs. Team[[Jessie]] Rocketdemands watchesthat andthe then[[twerps]] jumpsfall out, wondering whyinto the pitfall's nothole workingalready. [[James]] jumps on the ground a few times, thenfinally all of a sudden,causing the whole ground cavesto cave in and they all fall. Just atAt the bottom, {{TP|Jessie|Wobbuffet}} pops out and causes them to fall some moreagain, right through a ceiling of a tunnel! They all complain here and there before seeing a woman run by. TheyJessie wonderquickly what'[[recall]]s with her beforenuisance the woman wonders what's with them. She says she has no timePokémon to talkhis now{{i|Poké and has to hurry somewhereBall}}. The group had started to go with the woman towards whatever she is going to.
InA thewoman nextrushes roomby, ofbut thewith unknownno placetime wasto speak she tells everyone to simply follow her. The group arrives at a colossal wire tower built with rings, with giant spheres connecting them. Just about halfway, Ash notices a few {{p|Xatu}} perched up on one of the spheres. Ashand scans thethem Xatuwith andhis then[[Pokédex]]. triesThe towoman callinforms outthem tothat it,the Xatu whichcan nothingtell happensthe future. Jessie and {{an|Misty}} triesare the same thingintrigued, thenbut Teamtheir Rocketpleas whofor happeneda tofortune catch up tries asgo wellunanswered. Lost, theThe woman saysintroduces thatherself she'sas {{OBP|Calista|EP234}}, and she explains that the meteorologistXatu ofare thisoften place,in sincea thetrance peoplestate because herethey are superstitiouswatching overthe future and past whatat the Xatusame saystime. She then calls out to onea andXatu thenas she runs upwards towards an exit. Everybody else follows her and are amazed that the other side is a giant stone auditorium with a group of people sitting on the bleachers. The Xatu flyperch upthemselves towardson athe guardrailsurrounding andbalustrade. Calista grabs outholds two fans, everybody else doesin the same.air Sheand shouts towardsorders the people,audience doingto differentfollow patternsher with the fansmovements. Soon, the Xatu do similar patterns with their wings. andJessie thatorders was{{MTR}} Calistatranslate, saidbut therehe shouldreveals bethat rainhe tomorrow,can butonly otherwisespeak thehuman restand ofPokémon. theCalista daysuddenly isconcludes goingthe today will be fine.mostly sunny.
Just one thing happens to occurSuddenly, clouds start to gather around and it starts to rain. Funny..Confused, Calista fears the "day" has finally arrived. usuallyShe decides to hold off the Xatugathering areand rightruns allback into the timetower. CalistaHer wonderstwo whatXatu and Ash's wronggroup follow her, and decidesshortly after Xatu Two joins them. Meanwhile, Jessie attempts to holdentertain offthe crowd with a game of paper, scissors, rock, but this littleonly gatheringconfuses forthe audience. Team Rocket soon trail behind. At a whileweather asstation sheunder runsthe backtower, in.everyone Everyonewatches elseas doesCalista sosends andout morea Xatu-painted joinradar withto themcheck the weather patterns, but to no avail. HoweverMeanwhile, Team Rocket wascontinues ditcheddownward onuntil thisWobbuffet andcauses everybodythem won'tto letroll theminto gothe station. SoXatu JessieThree playsmakes themsome allwing movements and Calista reveals that a roundhuman ofwith Rock-Paper-Scissorsthe (Japaneseability style)to andpredict winsthe bothweather thatwill appear today. James and the group look-away partat each other, withbut thatare theynone runthe offwiser. OnCalista theis bottomcertain of theher bunkerinterpretation because she is a station.thirteenth-generation CalistaXatu prophetess, and everyoneshe elseadmits goesthat Xatu Three is getting on in andage. watchesJessie asthen Calistareveals sendsthat outshe was once a radarmeteorologist tofor checka outnews what'sprogram, goingbut onwas inlet thego area.because Sheof explainsher thatinaccurate thisforecasts. isXatu "Netio-sama"Three begins sweating, otherwiseand theJessie lasturges resortit ofto thestop weatherlooking predictions.into Evenher thepast, radarand can'tit scopeeventually outdoes thiswhen oddit stormfaints.
JustDetermined afterto asolve while,the Teamstrange Rocketweather continuespatterns, theirCalista decentorders downwardsJessie untilto Wobbuffethelp againinterpret messesthe themdata, upbut andJessie theyis crashunable intoto theoffer stationany insight. TheySuddenly wonderthe what'strio withof allXatu thespring technologyto andtheir stufffeet and begin moving their wings. Calista explainsis thathorrified it'sand reveals that the radarlong-awaiting system."day" Thenof Jessiea triesgreat toflood buttwill inarrive tomorrow. She sayingreveals that she wasand oncethe aXatu's meteorologistservices forwill acome newsto Oneend ofas thewell. XatuAsh getsand allthe nervousothers atplea thisfor bragcalm. ThenCalista [[Jessie]]fears goesthat ontoday's andwrongful onprediction untilwill jeopardize the Xatutrust faintsthe frompeople this.have Thenfor the Xatu. saysEven thatso, he'llshe figurehas somethingfaith outin ofher this. So everybody runsXatu's backfortune-telling upskills.
OnceShe backtakes up, allto the {{p|Xatu}}stage lineand upwarns andher Calistafollowers doesof athe fewgreat moredanger. patternsThe withpeople therush fans. Allto the Xatu repeatstage and theyoffer gotheir fastermany withvaluables eachas pattern.tokens Soonof shegratitude getsbefore the idea, a disaster's coming this way! She tells everyonefleeing to evacuate the area, and everyone does so, but they leave something valuablereach behindsafety. As everyone waits around, {{TR|Delibird}} comes byarrives and drops in ondelivers Team Rocket, givingtheir themoverdue abill. reminderAs ofa whatresult, theythe havetrio to do to stay as members. So they sneaksneaks over and trytries to swipe one of the valuable items, but Ash catches them before they could do anything. Then Team Rocket stopsthreatens playingDelibird, goodwhich andprompts startsit to takeassist on their real rolethem. Jessie first tells Delibird toshowers throweveryone awith coupleexplosive of presents at them, which Delibird throws three to each Xatu, all healing them{{m|Present}}s. WithJames that, [[James]]then sends out {{TP|James|Weezing}} to use {{m|SmokeScreenSmokescreen}} while Delibird drops in a few more presents. JustWeezing whenthen itcuts seemsthe thatSmokescreen. allTeam isRocket takenare caresurprised of,to Weezingsee dropsthat the screenXatu andare theystill arethere, surprisedbut toCalista seeexplains that the Xatu arewere stillable thereto predict where to move to avoid being damaged. Delibird offers up another round of Presents, but this time they heal the Xatu completely. Just before theyTeam Rocket can do anything else, Delibird drops a presentPresent next to them and then ditches themleaves before it sends Team Rocket off into the sky.
The Xatu do oneanother finalwing pattern, and Calista saysthen they'llreveals teleportthat awaythe nowflood beforewill thestill disastercome, comestoday bythat is. FirstCalista watches as the Xatu teleportscontinue to move their wings. She translates that Ash and his friends will be fine if they leave soon. The Xatu then thedescribe groupfate, and Calistadeclares teleportthat outtheir predictions should only be used as wella guidance and not as a predetermined version of the future. JustCalista accepts Xatu's message in thefull. nickWith ofthat timesaid, athe giantXatu tidal{{m|Teleport}} wavethemselves, comesCalista throughand aAsh's valleygroup whereaway before the placeflood hits. The giant surge soon restsarrives and coversfloods the areaauditorium. ThoughAbove it'sthe probablydisaster notzone, muchCalista left,then maybedecides Calistato canmove nowto a city and to pursuitpursue her real goal, to become a meteorologist for a news program. LaterMeanwhile, Team Rocket is at the mud-entrenched ruins of the would -be weather station, lookingstill searching for any of thoseabandoned valuables that the people left. Delibird comessoon byflies andoff, saysbut it'sTeam aRocket no-no,know andfull decideswell tothat flyit offwill withoutbe them.back Andto itcollect looksits likedues Calistaso reallythey didflee getinto herthe goaldistance.
==Major events==
[[File:PMTV EP234.png|thumb|right|200px|{{tt|Pocket Monster TV|Who's That Pokémon}}]]
* {{Ash}}
* {{an|Misty}}
[[File:WTP EP234.png|thumb|200px|right|Who's That Pokémon?]]
[[Who's That Pokémon?]]: {{p|Ledian}} ''(US and international)'', {{p|Xatu}} ''(Japan)''
* {{p|Pikachu}} ({{OP|Ash|Pikachu}})
* {{p|Meowth}} ({{TRM}})
* {{p|Weezing}} ({{OP|James|Weezing}})
* {{p|Delibird}} ({{OBP|Delibird|Team Rocket|Team Rocket}})
* {{p|Xatu}} ({{OBP|Calista|EP234}}'s; multiple; released; debut)
{{right clear}}
* This episode was initially going to be called ''Future Shock.''. Some cable providers erroneously refer to the episode as this working title.
* This episode's dub title is a pun on the ''{{wp|Back to the Future}} (franchise)|''Back filmto seriesthe Future'' franchise}}.
* In this episode, Team Rocket{{TRT}} uses a {{DL|Team Rocket mottos|Xatu the Future motto|variation}} of their {{motto}}.
* The way {{OBP|Calista|EP234}} and the {{p|Xatu}} communicate is similar to that of {{wp|flag semaphore}}.
* Music from ''[[PK01|Pikachu's Vacation]]'', ''[[M01|Mewtwo Strikes Back]]'', and ''[[M02|The Power of One]]'' can be heard in this episode.
* When the dark clouds first appear, Calista tells the crowd to stay even though it is pouring. However, the rain is only a slight drizzle at that point.
* Once{{MTR}} again oncalls the Brazilianpit dub,used Delibirdto istrap {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} "indivisible" mistakenlyinstead calledof "Thunderbirdinvisible".
* Once again in the {{pmin|Brazil}}ian dub, Delibird is mistakenly called "Thunderbird".
===Dub edits===
==In other languages==
|bg={{tt|Пророкът Ксату|Prophet Xatu}}
|zh_cmn={{tt|天然鳥的大預言|Xatu's Big Prediction}}
|de={{tt|Die Xatu und die Zukunft|The Xatu and the future}}
[[de:Die Xatu und die Zukunft]]
[[plzh:EP234精灵宝可梦 第235集]]