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* When Team Rocket is in their balloon after capturing the three Pokémon, the song that Jessie sings to mock the people on the ground is to the tune of the series ending theme, ''[[Pokémon Counting Song]]''.
* ''[[Exciting Pokémon Relay]]'' was used in the cooking competition scenes.
* This is the final episode in which [[Lindsey Warner]] voices [[Brock's Mudkip]].
* Nearly a week before this episode's U.S. debut, {{p|Weavile}} and {{p|Mime Jr.}}'s names were released. They happen to be the evolved form and pre-evolved form of the two main Pokémon in this episode.
* In one scene during the {{motto}}, [[James]]'s hair is not completely drawn and colored.
* In one shot, Ash and company are wondering when {{p|Mr. Mime}}'s show will begin and they will be served food, even though food is already on the table. The food disappears in the next shot.
* In Latin American dub, Mr. Mime is called "Señor Mime", previously happen in ''[[SS004|Showdown at the Oak Corral]]'' and ''[[AG132|The Scheme Team]]''.
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