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Ash's Butterfree

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In I Choose You!
While exploring Viridian Forest early on in his journey, Ash encountered a Caterpie. He battled it with his Pikachu and managed to catch it. Caterpie accompanied Ash and Pikachu on their journey and became a trusted partner. While trying to catch a Pinsir and battling it with Caterpie, it evolved into Metapod.
Metapod would eventually fully evolve into Butterfree while battling a bunch of angry {{p|Primeape}} and subduing them with String Shot. After evolving into Butterfree, Butterfree put the Primeape to sleep with Sleep Powder. A short while after that, Ash and Butterfree encountered a pink Butterfree. Ash’s Butterfree defended the pink Butterfree from a {{p|Fearow}}. The two Butterfree bonded but would later part ways. Not long after, the Butterfree reunited when Ash came across a herd of Butterfree, which included the pink Butterfree. Seeing how happy the two Butterfree were together, Ash decided to let his Butterfree go and said a tearful goodbye as it departed.
===Moves used===