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On hand
|desc={{p|Seaking}} battled alongside Sealeo in the Double Battle against Pikachu and Snorunt. It used Horn Drill to reflect Pikachu's {{t|Electric}} attacks at Snorunt. When Ash's Pokémon were attempting to attack from up close, Seaking hit Snorunt with Hyper Beam, forcing Ash to switch Snorunt for {{AP|Corphish}}. Seaking then dived and used Horn Attack, but Corphish caught it by the horn. Seaking followed up with Horn Drill, damaging Corphish, but was then hit by Pikachu's {{m|Iron Tail}} and fainted.
It reappeared in a flashback in ''[[AG111|Eight Ain't Enough]]'', and [[AG120]].
Seaking's known moves are {{m|Horn Drill}}, {{m|Hyper Beam}} and {{m|Horn Attack}}.}}