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{{cleanuptc|width=50%Team Skull Grunt}}s [[Tupp]], [[Rapp]], and [[Zipp]] are in an alleyway when {{an|Gladion}} walks past along with his {{TP|Gladion|Umbreon}}. They confront Gladion but Gladion keeps on walking and demand that he leave his Umbreon with them. They send out their Pokémon to battle as Gladion sends out his {{TP|Gladion|Lycanroc}}. Team Skull order their Pokémon to attack but Lycanroc knocks them all out with one move. They recall their Pokémon and retreat as Gladion recalls Lycanroc. {{TRT}} witnessed his battle and realizing how powerful his Lycanroc is decide to steal it. Outside {{an|Professor Kukui}}'s house, {{Ash}} is training with his Pokémon with {{AP|Rockruff}} battling against {{AP|Rowlet}}. After a battle, Ash tells Rockruff to take a break and has {{AP|Litten}} come in to battle only for Rockruff to jump over Litten to hit Rowlet. Seeing that Rockruff is fired up to battle, Ash has Rowlet take a break. Soon, Ash decides to end the battle and Rockruff rubs Ash affectionately as they head to school.
[[Tupp]], [[Rapp]] and [[Zipp]] from [[Team Skull]] are in an alleyway when Tupp spots [[Gladion]] walking past along with his {{DL|Gladion|Umbreon}} and decide to go and take his Umbreon. They confront Gladion and tell him to stop but Gladion keeps on walking which leaves Rapp and Zipp annoyed at his attitude and demand he leave his Umbreon with them which gets Gladion's attention and he glares at them which leaves Tupp to declare he battles them and sends out {{DL|Tupp|Salandit}} and Zipp and Rapp send out {{DL|Zipp|Zubat}} and {{DL|Zipp|Garbodor}}. Gladion takes them on and sends out his {{DL|List of Pokémon with form differences|Lycanroc|Midnight Form}} {{DL|Gladion|Lycanroc}}. On seeing Lycanroc, Tupp, Rapp and Zipp nervously realize that he is a strong trainer and decide to go for Lycanroc and order their Pokémon to attack but before they can launch their attacks, Gladion orders Lycanroc to use {{m|Stone Edge}} which knocks out Salandit, Zubat and Garbodor with one move. They recall their Pokémon and retreat vowing to make Gladion sorry. Gladion recalls Lycanroc and continues on his way, passing {{TRT}} who witnessed his battle and realizing how powerful his Lycanroc is decide to steal it as [[James]] wonders who that trainer was.
OutsideDuring [[Professortheir Kukui]]'slunch housebreak, {{Ash}} is training with his Pokémon withand {{AP|Rockruffashcl}} battlingwatch againsttheir {{AP|Rowlet}}.Pokémon Rowletplay goesin tothe useclassroom {{m|Tackle}}having whichformed Asha orderstrain. RockruffThey todiscuss dodgereports which itinclude doesthe causingtrainer Rowlet'shaving foota toMidnight getForm stuckLycanroc inand thean sandUmbreon. AsAsh Rowletsays struggleshe would love to getbattle free,that Rockrufftrainer useshopes {{m|Rockit Throw}}will buthappen Rowletsome managesday. toIn freetown, itselfGladion andis usesbattling against a {{mtc|LeafageSailor}} to counter the Rock Throw before silently appearing behind Rockruff who hits Rockruff with Tackle. Ash tells Rockruff to take a break and hashis {{APp|LittenBlastoise}}, comewhere indespite toa battletype Rowletdisadvantage, butLycanroc Littenis notices Rowlet coming at it with Tackle and gets ready to attack only for Rockruff to jump over Litten to hit Rowlet withholding its own Tackle. Seeing that Rockruff is fired up to battleNearby, Ash hasis Rowletdoing takesome a break and Rowlet goes over to {{AP|Pikachu}}shopping before fallingnoticing asleep.the Rockruffbattle and Littenthey startgo theirdown battlefor witha Rockruffcloser usinglook. RockThey Throwarrive and Littenwatch usingas {{m|Scratch}}Lycanroc whichknocks hitsBlastoise Rockruffout. beforeRotom usingtells {{m|FireAsh Fang}}that whichas alsoGladion hitshas RockruffLycanroc whoand strikesUmbreon, backhe withmust Rockbe Throw whichthe Littenmysterious dodgestrainer. Ash decidesruns over to endGladion theas battlehe andrecalls tellsLycanroc Littenand thatintroduces itshimself Fireas Fangsomeone wascalls theGladion's bestname. andThey tellsboth Rockrufflook heand couldsee feelLillie howarrive determinedwith itSnowy wasand as[[Hobbes]]. {{Rotom}}Lillie notesruns thatover itsto RockruffGladion, isrevealing morehim Rockruffbe rubsher Ash affectionately as they head toolder schoolbrother.
DuringGladion theirsees lunchthat break,Lillie Ashcan andtouch {{ashcl}}Pokémon watchwhich ashe {{TP|Sophocles|Charjabug}},is {{TP|Sophocles|Togedemaru}},glad {{TP|Mallow|Steenee}},to Pikachu,see {{TP|Lana|Popplio}},as [[Snowy]]Lillie andintroduces {{TP|Kiawe|Turtonator}}him playto inSnowy theas classroomHobbes havingtells formed a train. {{an|Lana}} notesGladion that itshe ishas cutebeen as {{an|Lillie}} sees thatraising Snowy issince havingit awas funan timeegg. {{an|Sophocles}}Gladion askstells ifLillie theyto heardtake aboutcare aof strongSnowy trainerand whogoes arrivedto onleave thebut Island,Hobbes Mallowasks sayshim thatto shecome heardwith aboutthem himto fromthe a customermansion. AshGladion asksdeclines Mallowas whatAsh thetries customerto saidget andGladion Mallowto mentions that ithave a guybattle. with aGladion Midnight Form Lycanroc whichnotices Ash's finds[[Z-Ring]] cooland aslearns Lanathat askshe ifgot Midnightit Formfrom is{{DL|Recurring justwild onePokémon ofin itsthe formsanime|Tapu whichKoko}}. RotomGladion confirmstells as Sophocles saysAsh that he'll alsoconsider heardhaving thata thebattle trainerand hasleaves an Ash saystells he would love to battlehim that trainerhe hopesis itstaying willat happenProfessor someKukui's dayhouse. InLater town,at aLillie's crowdmansion, hasLillie gatheredtells toAsh watchthat aGladion battleleft ashome ahaving {{DL|Sailor|Blastoise}}wanted isto knockedtrain intoby ahimself fountainand asHobbes itssays trainerthat whoGladion iswanted ato {{tc|Sailor}}improve whoon ishis battling Gladionskills. wondersLillie hownotes muchthat powerGladion hishas Lycanrocchanged canHobbes haveremembers aswhen BlastoiseGladion emergeshad frombrought thean fountain,injured still{{p|Eevee}} ablehome, tohe battle.helped Blastoise becomes nervous as the Sailor tellstake it to remain[[Nurse strongJoy]].
NearbyThat night, Ash ishas doingtold someProfessor shoppingKukui andabout his checksencounter with RotomGladion. onRockruff whatis theybecoming needmore toactive buyand asProfessor PikachuKukui noticesguesses thethat battleRockruff takinghas placebecome whicha grabsfan Ash'sof attentionthe andLycanroc. theyLater, goeveryone downhas forfallen aasleep closerbut look.Pikachu Theyis arriveawoken asby theknocking Sailorand instructslooks Blastoiseup to usesee {{m|SkullUmbreon Bash}}on buttop Gladionof hasthe Lycanrocroof. usePikachu {{m|Counter}}wakes whichAsh strikesup Blastoiseand hard,points knocking it out. Watchingto the battle,window Rotomwhere notesUmbreon howdrops heavy Blastoise is yet Lycanroc beat ita easilynote which Ash finds awesomereads and asbecomes Rotomexcited takes pictures of Lycanroc,as Rotom tellsasks Ashwhat thatit asis Gladionabout. hasJessie Lycanrocleads andher Umbreon,teammates he must bealong the mysteriousbeach trainer.and Ash runs over tonotice Gladion as he recalls Lycanroc and introduces himselfUmbreon and callsrecognize hishim battlefrom incrediblebefore. andThey asks for a battlewatch as someoneAsh calls Gladion's name. They both lookarrives and seemeets Lillie arriveup with SnowyGladion andwho [[Hobbes]].informs Lillie runs over to Gladion, surprisedhim that thehe mysteriousasked trainerhim washere herto oldertest brotherhis whichbattling surprises Ash and Rotomskills. GladionTeam seesRocket thatlook Lillie can touch Pokémon which he is glad to seeon as Lillie introduces him to Snowy as Hobbes tells Gladion that she has beena raisingbattle Snowywith sinceAsh itwho waschooses anRockruff eggas andGladion thissends isout the first time a Pokémon has been in her chargeLycanroc. GladionJessie tellsgets Lillie to take care of Snowy andan goesidea to leave but Hobbes asks him to come with them to the mansion but Gladion says notuse this time as Ash triesopportunity to getcatch GladionLycanroc toand havePikachu. aThe battle aswith heRockruff wants to become a Pokémon Master as Gladion notices Ash's [[Z-Ring]] which Ash says he got directly fromuse {{DLm|Recurring wild Pokémon in the anime|Tapu KokoBite}} which surprisesRockruff Gladionhitting asLycanroc Lilliebefore tellsbeing himthrown thataway. AshRock hasThrow evenis battledcountered Tapuby Koko. Gladion tells Ash that heLycanroc'lls considerStone havingEdge awhich battlehits andRockruff. leaves as Ash tells him that he is staying at Professor Kukui's house.
LaterAs atRockruff Lillie'sgets mansionup, Lillie explainsready to Ashbattle, thatTeam GladionRocket leftfire hometwo aboutnets sixwhich monthscapture ago having wanted to train by himselfLycanroc and Hobbes, whilst providing food to Snowy, Pikachu. and Rotom says thatAs Gladion wantedasks towho improvethey onare, histhey battlingrecite skillstheir andmotto ruminateas onAsh hisdemands lifethey whichgive isthem whatback hetheir understoodPokémon. whichTeam AshRocket findsdrive cooloff butin Lilliea notestruck thatas Gladion used to be sweetAsh, gentle and kind but that wasn't the Gladion they saw today and itsRockruff aschase if he was a different person altogether as Snowy jumps onto Lillie'safter lapthem. Seeing Snowy and Lillie reminds Gladion ofhas a scene where in the past, Gladion had brought anUmbreon injureduse {{pm|EeveeDark Pulse}} home,which heflattens rana outsidetire, to Gladion who says that he found Eevee insending the falltruck grassout whereof itcontrol wasas hurtRockruff andfrees cryingPikachu and askedLycanroc. HobbesJessie toisn't dohappy somethingat tothem helpgetting whereaway Hobbesand tookare Eeveeconfronted fromby Gladion praising his compassionPikachu and saidLycanroc. heGladion woulddecides giveto itdeal firstwith aidTeam before taking it to [[Nurse Joy]]Rocket and assuresthey Gladionpower thatup Nurseto Joyuse can{{m|Continental lookCrush}}. afterLycanroc Eevee.hits Lilliethem sayswith sheContinental neverCrush knewwhich aboutsends thatthem asblasting Hobbesoff explainsonly Lilliefor wasBewear stillto apush smallitself child atinto the timeair butusing therethe istrees noand doubtcatches thatthem Gladionand istakes athem generousback personto atits heartden. asAmazed, Ash rememberstells Gladion telling Lillie to take care of Snowy beforethat he leftwants andto calls Gladiontry a nice{{type|Rock}} guy[[Z-Move]].
ThatAfter night,learning that Ash hasdoesn't toldhave Professorthe KukuiRock abouttype his encounter with[[Z-Crystal]], Gladion whotells ishim amazedto thatgo Blastoiseto was[[Akala over powered as PikachuIsland]] and Rockruffpass playits rightgrand whilsttrial. RowletAs andthey Littengo sleepto onlyfinish fortheir Littenbattle, toLillie bearrives disturbedand whenRotom Rockruffreminds bumpsAsh intothat it. Littenis isn'tnearly happytime aboutfor itSchool as RockruffAsh triesrealizes tohow playlate withit Rowletis beforeas going over to Professor Kukui and Ash, rubbingGladion againsttells them affectionatelythey'll leading Professor Kukuihave to guessfinish thatit Rockrufflater has become a fan of the Lycanroc which Ash saysand he thoughtfinds wasit thedifficult coolestwith LycanrocLillie hewatching hasas seen.Ash Outsideagrees aas {{p|Wimpod}}Gladion scurries along the beachleaves as inside,Lillie everyonecomes has fallen asleep but Pikachu is awoken by knocking and looks upover to see Umbreon on top of the roofAsh, peeringasking throughwhere theGladion open window and tries to wake Ash up butis only manages to dolearn itthat buthe usinghas {{m|Thunderbolt}} which also wakes Litten, Rockruffleft and Rowletshe upwas ashoping Ashto asksforce why Pikachu did that, Pikachu pointshim to thecome windowhome wherefor Umbreon drops a note which Ash reads and becomes excited as Rotom asks what it isone aboutday.
Jessie leads her teammates along the beach as James wonders why they had to get up so early as he, Meowth and {{TP|Jessie|Wobbuffet}} yawn, Jessie says that if {{an|Bewear}} finds them before they swoop in, it will be game over for the day before noticing Gladion and Umbreon and recognize him from before and wonder what he is doing here as James notices the sun coming up which they find beautiful as Ash arrives and meets up with Gladion who informs him that he asked him here to test his battling skills so he can see what Tapu Koko sees in him. Team Rocket look on, wondering what Gladion wants with Ash as Ash calls Rockruff out to battle and Gladion responds with Lycanroc with Ash telling Rockruff to give it its all despite battling its hero. Watching this gives Jessie the idea to use this opportunity to catch Lycanroc and Pikachu for the boss. Ash starts the battle by having Rockruff use {{m|Bite}} which Rockruff hits Lycanroc with but Lycanroc soon throws Rockruff away as Ash orders a Rock Throw but Gladion has Lycanroc counter with Stone Edge which smashes through Rock Throw, aiming straight at Rockruff who runs but Gladion has Lycanroc chase after Rockruff to use {{m|Crunch}} which stops Rockruff from running allowing it to be hit by Stone Edge before being hit by Lycanroc's Crunch. As Rockruff gets up, ready to battle, Team Rocket fire a net which captures Lycanroc before firing a second net to catch Pikachu. As Gladion asks who they are, they recite their motto as Ash demands they give them back their Pokémon but they refuse and drive up in a truck as Ash, Gladion and Rockruff chase after them and Rockruff manages to catch up with them and grabs hold of the net as Jessie orders James who is driving to take action as Gladion orders Umbreon to use {{m|Dark Pulse}} which flattens a tire, sending the truck out of control as Rockruff uses Bite on the net to free Pikachu and Lycanroc.
Jessie isn't happy at them getting away and are confronted by Pikachu and Lycanroc but before Ash can command a move, Gladion asks to let him deal with Team Rocket and they power up to use {{m|Continental Crush}} which amazes Ash as Team Rocket become worried by what they see coming their way. Lycanroc hits them with Continental Crush which sends them blasting off only for Bewear to push itself into the air using the trees and catches them and takes them back to its den. Amazed, Ash tells Gladion that he wants to try a {{type|Rock}} [[Z-Move]] as well and Gladion asks him if he has the Rock type [[Z-Crystal]] which Ash says he doesn't so Gladion tells him to go to [[Akala Island]] and pass its grand trial which Ash agrees to and as they go to finish their battle, Lillie arrives and Rotom reminds Ash that it is nearly time for [[Pokémon School]] as Ash realizes how late it is as Gladion tells them they'll have to finish it later and he finds it difficult with Lillie watching as Ash agrees as Gladion tells him about the look in Rockruff's eyes is similar to that in Lycanroc's eyes before leaving as Lillie comes over to Ash, asking where Gladion is only to learn that he has left and she was hoping to force him to come home for one day.
==Major events==
<!-- This is not for summarizing everything that happens in this episode. Only events pertaining to the series as a whole, such as catching and releasing Pokémon and obtaining Badges, go here. -->
* {{Ash}} meets [[{{an|Gladion]]}}, {{an|Lillie}}'s older brother, for the first time.
* Ash has a {{pkmn|battle}} with Gladion, but it getsis interrupted by {{TRT}}.
* AshTeam learnsRocket hemeets canGladion get a [[Rockium Z]] fromfor the [[Island Kahuna]] of [[Akalafirst Island]]time.
* Ash learns that he can get a [[Rockium Z]] from the [[Island Kahuna]] of [[Akala Island]].
* [[{{an|Gladion]]}} (in person)
====Pokémon debuts====
* [[Gladion's Umbreon]]
* [[Gladion's Lycanroc]]
* [[Jessie]]
* [[James]]
* [[{{an|Professor Kukui]]}}
* [[{{an|Gladion]]}}
* [[{{an|Lusamine]]}} (picture)
* [[Hobbes]]
* [[Tupp]]{{tc|Team Skull Grunt}}s
** [[ZippTupp]]
** [[Rapp]]
** [[Zipp]]
* {{tc|Sailor}}
* Citizens
* {{p|Charjabug}} ({{OP|Sophocles|Charjabug}})
* {{p|Steenee}} ({{OP|Mallow|Steenee}})
* {{p|Eevee}} ([[{{OP|Gladion]]'s|Umbreon}}; flashback)
* {{p|Umbreon}} ([[{{OP|Gladion]]'s|Umbreon}})
* {{p|Lycanroc}} ([[{{OP|Gladion]]'s|Lycanroc}}; {{DL|List of Pokémon with form differences|Lycanroc|Midnight Form}})
* {{p|Cleffa}} ([[{{OP|Lusamine]]'s|Cleffa}}; picture)
* {{p|Lillipup}} ([[{{an|Lusamine]]}}'s; picture)
* {{p|Lilligant}} ([[{{an|Lusamine]]}}'s; picture)
* {{p|Salandit}} ([[Tupp]]'s)
* {{p|Zubat}} ([[Rapp]]'s)
* [[Poké Problem]]: ''Whose [[Gladion (anime)|older brother]] appears in this episode?''
** Host: {{Rotom}}
** Choices: {{an|Lillie}}, {{an|Kiawe}}, {{an|Mallow}}, {{an|Sophocles}}
* The English dub was released on the [[iTunes Store]] on August 13, 2017, six days before the episode aired in the United States, due to an all-day marathon of ''{{wp|DuckTales (2017 TV series)|DuckTales}}'' on August 12, 2017.
* {{an|Kiawe}}, {{Ash}}, Rotom, and a {{p|Scyther}} narrate the preview for the [[SM028|next episode]].
* This is the first time an {{p|Umbreon}} uses a {{type|Dark}} [[move]] in the {{pkmn|anime}}.
* This is the first time in the {{pkmn|anime}} a Pokémon is seen being kept in an {{ball|[[Ultra}} Ball]].
* At one point in the dub, [[James]] says "Riddle me this", a common catchphrase associated with {{wp|The Riddler}} from the ''{{wp|Batman}}'' franchise. A [[EP058|previous episode]] had its dub title based on this catchphrase.
* Briefly after the {{tc|Sailor}}'s {{p|Blastoise}} stands up in the fountain, its jaw is miscolored blue.
* When {{Ash}} hugs his {{AP|Rockruff}} at night, his shirt is miscolored blue.
* In the {{pmin|Poland|Polish}} and {{pmin|Brazil|Brazilian Portuguese}} dubs, during the training scene, Ash orders Rowlet to dodge instead of Rockruff.
* In the Brazilian Portuguese dub, when Ash is talking with his classmates about Gladion's Lycanroc, his Latin American Spanish voice can be heard.
SM027 Error.png|Ash's blue shirt
===Dub edits===
|da={{tt|En skarp konkurrence!|A sharp competition!}}
|nl={{tt|Een scherpe concurrentie!|A sharp competition!}}
|fi={{tt|Kilpahenkeä ensisilmäyksellä!|Rivalry at the first glance!}}{{tt|*|Written title}}<br>{{tt|Kilpailuhenkeä ensisilmäyksellä!|Rivalry at the first glance!}}{{tt|*|Spoken title}}
|fr_eu={{tt|Un regard qui défie !|A glance that challenges!}}
|de={{tt|Eine funkelnde Rivalität!|A sparkling rivalry!}}
|he={{tt|!מבט של יריבות|A glance of rivalry!}}
|it={{tt|Una rivalità lampante!|A crystal clear rivalry!}}
|ko={{tt|나와라! 붉은 눈빛 루가루암!!|Come Forth! The Red Gaze Lycanroc!!}}
|no={{tt|En skarp konkurranse!|A sharp competition!}}
|pl={{tt|Oko w oko z rywalem!|Face to face against rival!}}
|pt_br={{tt|Uma rivalidade de olhares!|A rivalry of gazes!}}
|pt_eu={{tt|Uma rivalidade fulgurante!|An effulgent rivalry!}}
|ru={{tt|Свирепое cоперничество!|Ferocious rivalry!}}
|es_la={{tt|¡Una deslumbrante rivalidad!|A dazzling rivalry!}}
|es_eu={{tt|¡Un rival de mirada penetrante!|A rival with penetrating glance!}}
|sv={{tt|En Ny Rival|A New Rival}}
|th={{tt|จงออกมา! ลูกาลูกัน ผู้มีดวงตาสีชาด!!|Come Forth! The Red Red Gaze of Lugarugan!!}}
|tr={{tt|Göz Alıcı Rekabet!|Glamorous Competition!}}
[[de:Eine funkelnde Rivalität!]]
[[zh:SM027精灵宝可梦 太阳&月亮 第27集]]