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Important events
** Dawn battles Ursula and wins, putting her in the Top 16. Jessie, Nando, and Zoey also make it to the Top 16. ([[DP175]])
** Dawn, Zoey, Jessie, and Nando make it to the semifinals. Zoey battles Nando and wins, while Dawn defeats Jessie. ([[DP176]])
** Dawn and Zoey battleface each otheroff in the finalfinals roundand ofZoey thewins, Grandreceiving Festival.the Zoey[[Ribbon winsCup]] and receivesbecoming thea [[RibbonTop CupCoordinator]]. ([[DP177]])
* Ash and his friends meet [[Buck]]. ([[DP181]])
* The [[Lily of the Valley Conference]] takes place. ([[DP182]] - [[DP189]])