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Robert (Hoenn)

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In ''[[AG123|Rhapsody in Drew]]'', he nearly became a victim of {{TRT}} when they tried to steal his identity and his Pokémon so [[Jessie]] could compete in the [[Grand Festival]]. {{Ash}} appeared right at that moment to stop Team Rocket using his {{p|Snorunt}}. However, the Snow Hat Pokémon couldn't get its {{m|Ice Beam}} to work and so Robert took Snorunt aside and told it how to focus its energy when executing the attack. After [[Evolution|evolving]] into {{AP|Glalie}}, it managed to properly use its {{type|Ice}} [[move]] to send Team Rocket blasting off, thanks in part to Robert's pep talk.
Robert then proceeded to the finals of the Grand Festival, where he found himself up against Drew once again. Just like in the Slateport Contest, Robert easily defeated Drew, thus earning the [[Ribbon Cup]] as well as the title of {{DL|Grand Festival|[[Top Coordinator}}]]. According to Drew, immediately after he won, he began {{pkmn|training}} for the next Grand Festival.