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Helioptile (Pokémon)

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Minor appearances
===Minor appearances===
A Helioptile appeared in ''[[XY002|Lumiose City Pursuit!]]'', ''[[XY010|Mega-Mega Meowth Madness!]]'', ''[[XY040|Day Three Blockbusters!]]'', and ''[[XY137|Battling With a Clean Slate!]]''; and in a flashback in ''[[SS029|Mega Evolution Special I]]'' and ''[[XY068|Garchomp's Mega Bond!]]''. It was a resident of [[Professor Sycamore]]'s lab.
A photo of Helioptile appeared in ''[[XY039|Summer of Discovery!]]''.
A Trainer's Helioptile appeared in a picture in ''[[XY042|Battling Into the Hall of Fame!]]''.
Three Helioptile appeared in ''[[XY062|The Future Is Now, Thanks to Determination!]]'', where they were among the {{type|Electric}} {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} being controlled by {{TRT}}.