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In the main series
* {{an|Tierno}} was Ash's primary rival for the first part of the {{series|XY}}, with {{an|Trevor}} serving as a minor secondary rival. During the second part of his Kalos journey, however, Ash struck up serious rivalries with [[Alain]] and [[Sawyer]]. Alain wished to test the unique power of Ash and his {{AP|Greninja}}, while Sawyer looked up to Ash and made it his goal to surpass him.
* [[Gladion]] is a recurring rival of Ash in the {{series|Sun & Moon}}. Ash and Gladion's rivalry was mutually respectful from the start, with Gladion recognizing Ash's strength almost immediately. Gladion eventually became more dedicated to surpassing Ash after witnessing his and his Pikachu's aptitude for [[Z-Move]]s, leading him to undertake the [[island challenge]].
* [[Cross]] could be said to be Ash's rival in the alternate storyline of [[M20|Movie 20]]. In a similar manner to Paul, Cross abandoned his {{AP|Charizard|Charmander}}, deeming it too week, and allowing Ash to catch it. Their relationship could even be said to be antagonistic, with Cross being even more aggressive than Paul. Cross's aggressiveness and thirst for power is derived from an inferiority complex, from being able to see {{p|Ho-oh}}, but not being chosen as the Raindow Hero. In the end, despite losing to Ash and his former Charmander-now--Charizard, he still attempted to steal the [[Rainbow Wing]] in order to battle Ho-oh and prove himself the strongest.
* Ash also has friendly rivalries with [[Ritchie]], {{jo|Harrison}}, [[Morrison]], {{ho|Tyson}}, {{si|Tobias}}, [[Stephan]], {{an|Bianca}}, [[Virgil]], and {{un|Cameron}}.