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White eavesdrops on the conversation behind a wall and frowns upon hearing Cheren's name. Suddenly, a {{p|Cryogonal}} straps around her neck and drags her towards Gray, who is disappointed that someone dared to spy on their conversation. White demands to know their names, but is strangled by Cryogonal. Meanwhile, the battle continues back on stage. Gigalith's {{m|Power Gem}} strikes Bo directly. The audience roars with excitement, but Bo remains firm. Black resorts to taking out his [[Pokédex]] to find a way to win the match. He finds out that Gigalith attacks by absorbing and releasing solar energy using its orange crystals.
Yet, when Cheren sees the device, he just claims that Black is relying on a device to win. Black is shocked at the remark, knowing full well that Cheren also has a Pokédex. Cheren does not recall having a Pokédex; he even claims he is against its existence because it traps Pokémon in [[Poké Ball]]s. Black is horrified at the statement, having remembered that [[{{adv|N]]}} used to say such things.
At the back of the audience stand, Gray, who is actually [[Zinzolin]] of the [[Seven Sages]], takes off his disguise and claims that he has successfully planted [[Team Plasma]]'s ideals into that boy. White and [[Looker]] immediately realize that Zinzolin is a member of Team Plasma, and Looker springs into action by having his {{p|Croagunk}} fasten the Super Hard Tight Tape around Zinzolin, who retaliates by ordering an {{m|Ice Beam}} from Cryogonal. The beam blasts through one of the audience stands and catches everyone's attention. White manages to break free of Cryogonal's choke hold and immediately yells to Black that Team Plasma were responsible and that they have also possessed Cheren. But before she can finish, she is teleported away by Hood Man and his {{p|Beheeyem}}.
* {{adv|Cheren}}
* {{adv|Bianca}} (flashback)
* {{adv|N}} (flashback)
* [[Professor Juniper]]
* [[Iris]] (flashback)
* [[Marlon]] (flashback)
* [[Looker]]
* [[N]] (flashback)
* [[Colress|Hood Man]]
* [[Zinzolin]]