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Recurring wild Pokémon in the anime

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{{p|Nihilego}} first appeared in [[SM050]], when [[Faba]] created an [[Ultra Wormhole]] using Nebby's power. After appearing in the [[Aether Foundation]] basement laboratories, it promptly knocked out Faba before reaching out for Lillie. However, she was protected by [[Lusamine]], who was then abducted and taken through the Wormhole. After attaching itself to Lusamine, it started playing on her desires and reduced her mentality to a child's. As such, when [[Gladion]], Ash and his friends came to save her in [[SM055]], she instead ran away, releasing her Pokémon enhanced by Nihilego's power as a deterrent. Nihilego used various other means to deter the children, but in the end was cornered by Ash, Lillie and Gladion. When Lillie managed to get through to Lusamine, Nihilego interfered, trying to keep Lusamine to itself. In the end, Ash managed to defeat it using {{m|10,000,000 Volt Thunderbolt}}, allowing Lusamine to separate from it.
A Nihilego made an appearance in the past, where it attacked Lillie, and was then in turn attacked by {{p|Silvally}}. However, it is uncertain if it is the same one.
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