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{{series|Sun & Moon}}
In ''[[SM042|Alola, Kanto!]]'', Ash and his classmates traveled to Kanto for an extracurricular activity. This allowed Ash to reunite with Brock, Misty, and some of his Pokémon living at Professor Oak's Laboratory. In ''[[SM043|When Regions Collide!]]'', they paid a visit to the Cerulean Gym, where he and Pikachu had a battle against Misty and used {{m|Gigavolt Havoc}} to defeat her [[Mega Evolution|Mega]] {{TP|Misty|Gyarados}}.
In [[SM044]], Ash encounters and befriends a {{p|Cosmog}} whom Lillie nicknames [[Nebby]], which starts following Ash around. He also learns about the [[Aether Foundation]] and the [[Ultra Beasts]]. With Cosmog as a trigger, Ash and his friends start learning more about Lillie's past, soon learning how her fear of Pokémon was caused by the Aether Foundation executive, [[Faba]], after he summoned a {{p|Nihilego}} through an Ultra Wormhole. Faba persistently attempts to kidnap Nebby in order to once again create a Wormhole, finally succeeding in [[SM050]]. However, [[Lusamine]], Lillie's mother, was abducted by the Ultra Beast and taken to the [[Ultra Deep Sea|Ultra World]]. Furthermore, the process took a toll on Nebby, forcing it to evolve into {{p|Cosmoem}}. After learning that Lillie ran away with Gladion to [[Poni Island]] in order to find a way to get their mother back, Ash and the rest of the class headed there as well, meeting them at the [[Altar of the Sunne]]. There, they encounter the [[Guardian deities]], who not only helped Nebby evolve into {{p|Solgaleo}}, but also transformed Ash's Z-Ring into a Z-Power Ring as well as giving him the [[Solganium Z]]. Using Solgaleo's Z-move, {{m|Searing Sunraze Smash}}, they opened an Ultra Wormhole and reached the Ultra World and quickly found Lusamine. Unfortunately, she was possessed by Nihilego, causing her to run away from her children, Ash and his friends, while also having her Pokémon, who's strength have been enhanced by Nihilego's power, block their path. Ash's friends split up, each taking on a Pokémon, while Ash, Gladion and Lillie went on ahead to deal directly with Lusamine. Lillie managed to get through to her mother, however, the Nihilego possessing Lusamine refused to let her go, barricading themselves form the children. In the end, Ash had Pikachu attack the Ultra Beast with a Z-move, though his Electrium Z temporarily turned into a [[Pikashunium Z]] just as they attacked, launching a {{m|10,000,000 Volt Thunderbolt}}. They managed to successfully save Lusamine, and then quickly left the Ultra World on Solgaleo.
In [[SM055]], after their adventures in the Ultra World, Nebby disappeared, leaving Ash feeling sorry for not able to say thank you. However these thoughts were quickly driven out o his mind after hearing that Kukui and [[Professor Burnet]] were getting married. After learning that they weren't planning on having a wedding, Ash and his friends decided to hold a surprise wedding ceremony for them, with Ash acing as the ring bearer. During the reception, Lusamine, [[Wicke]] and Faba approached Ash and his friends, with Faba giving a formal apology to them. The three then invited the children to join an Ultra Beast response unit, called the Ultra Guardians, which all of them agreed to. By the end of the ceremony, Ash finally got to see Solgaleo and was able to thank Nebby, before it disappeared again.