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Mega Effects

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Shiny Mega Charizard X/Y, Shiny Mega Gardevoir
Each Mega Effect can either erase or replace Pokémon icons and {{DL|Pokémon Shuffle|Disruptions}} in the puzzle area. The kinds of tiles targeted differ depending on the effect. If the Mega Effect erases icons, each non-empty tile that is erased boosts the amount of damage dealt to the opponent. If a Mega match and at least one non-Mega match are made simultaneously and have equal priority, the Mega match will activate last.
Mega {{p|Mewtwo}} X and Mega {{p|Charizard}} X, as well as the Shiny variants of both, will change type from {{t|Psychic}} to {{t|Fighting}} or {{t|Fire}}/{{t|Flying}} to {{t|Dragon}}, respectively, upon Mega Evolving. If the player has obtained one of those Pokémon and both of their respective Mega Stones, they will have separate entries in the Pokémon list for each Mega Stone. Only one of each may be used as a support Pokémon; EXP and Skill levels are shared between them, but Mega Speedups are not.
==List of Mega Effects==
| 3
|- style="background:#fff"
| rowspan="24" | 006
| {{ShImg|006MX|Charizard}}
| Mega {{p|Charizard}} X
| {{tt|13|16 prior to Version 1.4.6 (3DS)/1.10 (Mobile)}}
| 3
|- style="background:#fff"
| {{ShImg|006MSX|Charizard}}
| Shiny Mega {{p|Charizard}} X
| Erases Pokémon and disruptions around two spots you tap.
| 20
| 15
|- style="background:#fff"
| {{ShImg|006MSY|Charizard}}
| Shiny Mega {{p|Charizard}} Y
| Erases a jagged line of Pokémon vertically.
<small> Actually erases two jagged lines of Pokémon vertically. These lines cannot cross. </small>
| 11
| 5
|- style="background:#fff"
| 009
| {{tt|14|10 prior to Version 1.4.6 (3DS)/1.10 (Mobile)}}
|- style="background:#fff"
| rowspan="2" | 298
| {{ShImg|282M|Gardevoir}}
| Mega {{p|Gardevoir}}
| 15
| {{tt|9|5 prior to Version 1.4.6 (3DS)/1.10 (Mobile)}}
|- style="background:#fff"
| {{ShImg|282MS|Gardevoir}}
| Shiny Mega {{p|Gardevoir}}
| Erases all Pokémon in an O-shaped pattern.
| 10
| 4
|- style="background:#fff"
| 299