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Solar Blade (move)

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{{movep|type=grass|ms=754|pkmn=Lurantis|method=Lurantis absorbs sunlight into itself and forms a large yellow ball of light above its head. Lurantis then raises one of its hands and turns the ball into a giant blade of yellow light. Lurantis then slams the blade down onto the opponent.}}
{{movebtm|type=grass|user=Totem Pokémon#Totem Lurantis|user1=Totem Lurantis|startcode=SM035|startname=Currying Favor and Flavor!|notes=Debut}}
==In the manga==
===In the Pokémon Adventures manga===
{{movemanga|type=grass|exp=yes|gen=The user creates an energy blade made from gathered sunlight.|image1=Totem Lurantis Solar Blade Adventures.png|image1p=Lurantis}}
{{movep|type=grass|ms=754|pkmn=Lurantis|method=Lurantis absorbs sunlight into a giant blade of energy. It then swings the blade at the opponent. This attack must be charged before it can be used.}}
{{movebtmManga|type=grass|user=Totem Pokémon#Totem Lurantis|user1=Totem Lurantis|startcode=Sun & Moon chapter (Adventures)|startname=Sun & Moon chapter|notes=Debut}}