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Trubbish (Pokémon)

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Pokédex entries
{{Dex/Entry1|v=Sun|entry=Unsanitary places are what they like best. They can be spotted in [[Alola]], often with {{p|Grimer}} in hot pursuit.}}
{{Dex/Entry1|v=Moon|entry=It gorges on trash until its stomach is full. Then it belches toxic gas. An unlucky whiff of gas will put a person in the hospital.}}
{{Dex/Entry1|v=Ultra Sun|entry=Poisonous gas leaks out of it when it breathes. Muk that catch a whiff of that stench will come drooling.}}
{{Dex/Entry1|v=Ultra Moon|entry=If a young Pokémon or child breathes in the toxic gas that Trubbish belches out, it could be a life-threatening situation.}}