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Corphish (Pokémon)

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Pokédex entries
{{Dex/Entry1|t=FFF|v=Omega Ruby|entry=Corphish were originally foreign Pokémon that were imported as pets. They eventually turned up in the wild. This Pokémon is very hardy and has greatly increased its population.}}
{{Dex/Entry1|t=FFF|v=Alpha Sapphire|entry=Corphish catches prey with its sharp claws. It has no likes or dislikes when it comes to food—it will eat anything. This Pokémon has no trouble living in filthy water.}}
{{Dex/Entry1|v=Ultra Sun|entry=Individuals that have been set free by Trainers who could no longer raise them have become common, and they can now be found in Alola.}}
{{Dex/Entry1|v=Ultra Moon|entry=It can adapt very well to its environment. Feebas and Corphish are about the only Pokémon to live in stagnant ditches.}}