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{{Itemlist|Z-Power Ring|From [[Hala]] after battling [[Hau]] during the festival|US=yes|UM=yes}}
{{Itemlist|Island challenge amulet|sprite=Key island challenge amulet Sprite|From [[Hala]] after battling [[Hau]] during the festival|size=30px|US=yes|UM=yes|display=[[Island challenge]]<br>amulet}}
{{Itemlist|Stardust|From a woman in the western house for telling her about the message in a bottle at [[Kala'e Bay]]|US=yes|UM=yes}}
{{Itemlist|Fightinium Z|From Hala for defeating him in the grand trial|Su=yes|M=yes|US=yes|UM=yes}}
{{Itemlist|Ride Pager|From Hala after defeating him in the grand trial|Su=yes|M=yes|US=yes|UM=yes|display=[[Poké Ride|Ride Pager]]}}
{{Itemlist||sprite=Key Zygarde Cell Sprite|size=40px|On the east side of the tree on the east side of the Mahalo Trail entrance{{sup/t|N}}|Su=yes|M=yes|display=[[Zygarde Cube|Zygarde Cell]]}}
{{Itemlist||sprite=Key Zygarde Core Sprite|size=40px|On the porch in the northeastern room of Hala's house|Su=yes|M=yes|display=[[Zygarde Cube|Zygarde Core]]}}
=====Totem Stickers=====
{{Itemlist||sprite=USUM Totem Sticker art|size=40px|On the west side of a house, behind a smashable rock (requires [[Poké Ride|Tauros Charge]])|US=yes|UM=yes|display=[[Totem Sticker]]}}