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Rare Candy (EX Sandstorm 88)

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Rare Candy was reprinted again during the Sun & Moon Series as part of the {{TCG|Sun & Moon}} expansion with new artwork by [[Toyste Beach]], first released in the Japanese {{TCG|Sun & Moon Starter Set}} and {{TCG|Premium Trainer Box}} simultaneously on December 9, 2016. This print was subsequently available as both numbered and unnumbered Holofoil {{TCG|SM-P Promotional cards}} as part of two Japanese events. The numbered print, 025/SM-P, could be obtained as a victory award for players participating in the Pulverizing Pancake Battle at the Welcome Festa, held at the Sunshine City Convention Center in East Ikebukuro, Toshima, Tokyo on January 14, 2017. It could also be obtained as a victory award for players participating in the Pulverizing Pancake Battle 2 event at the 2017 Osaka Champion's League, held at MyDome Osaka, Osaka on February 18 and 19, 2017 and at the 2017 Miyagi Champion's League, held at Sunfesta, Sendai on April 1 and 2, 2017. The Pulverizing Pancake Battle 2 event was only held on the second day at each Champion's League venue. Both events comprised a Trading Card Game segment and a Video Game segment, and required a pair of players to enter together. The segments were not concurrent, therefore individuals could participate in both segments if they so wished, so long as each member of the pair participated in different segments. Players would receive 1 copy of the numbered print for every 1 win in any segment, with a limit of 4 copies per person. Each numbered print also featured a [[List of other event distributions in Generation VII#Pulverizing Pancake Battle Rare Candy|serial code]] used to redeem a Rare Candy in Japanese region copies of [[Pokémon Sun and Moon]]. The top four pairs in terms of overall number of wins would progress to the single-elimination finals. At the Welcome Festa only, the top three pairs at the end of the event were each awarded an unnumbered copy of this card featuring a foil stamp of their overall position, presented in a Perspex case.
It was reprinted as a Mirror Holofoil print in the Japanese {{TCG|Strength Expansion Pack Sun & Moon}}, and as a {{TCG|Full Art card|Full Art}} {{TCG|Secret card}}, both with artwork by [[Toyste Beach]]. The Sun & Moon print was later included in the {{TCG|Tapu Bulu-GX Enhanced Starter Set}}. The Secret print was later included in the English {{TCG|Guardians Rising}} expansion. The Sun & Moon print was reprinted as a Mirror Holofoil printcard in the Japanese {{TCG|GX Battle Boost}} subset and as a Non Holofoil card in the Japanese {{TCG|Solgaleo-GX & Lunala-GX Legendary Starter Set}}.
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