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* [[James]]
* [[Samson Oak]]
* {{al|AnnouncerAnna}}
* {{OBP|Hayate|SM041}}
* [[Yansu]]
* {{p|Steenee}} ({{OP|Mallow|Steenee}})
* {{p|Mareanie}} ({{OP|James|Mareanie}})
* {{p|Magnezone}} ([[Ana]]{{al|Anna}}'s)
* {{p|Charjabug}} ({{OBP|Hayate|SM041}}'s; {{Shiny}})
* {{p|Charjabug}} ([[Team Electric Princess]]'s)
* The car that {{OBP|Hayate|SM041}}'s {{Shiny}} {{p|Charjabug}} drives is based on the high-speed flight form of a Shiny {{p|Genesect}} and the Red Zaku II from ''{{wp|Gundam}}'', from the horn on top of Charjabug's head and the team that it belongs to, being called "Red Comet".
* The Japanese title of this episode is a reference to the series ''{{wp|Dash! Yonkuro}}''. When cheering {{TP|Sophocles|Charjabug}} on as it crossed the finish line, the faces that {{Ash}}, {{an|Sophocles}}, and {{an|Kiawe}}'s made referenced some of its main characters (Sophocles as Dankuro Toda, Ash as Yonkuro Hinomaru, and Kiawe as Shinkuro Minami).
* The disguises which [[Jessie]] and [[James]] wear in this episode are a reference to the series ''{{wp|Bakusō Kyōdai Let's & Go!!}}'', with Jessie's outfit based off ofon the character of Retsu Seiba, and James's outfit based off ofon Gō Seiba.
* The contraption that Kiawe wears on his body during the montage scene of Ash, Kiawe, and Sophocles preparing for the [[Charjabug Race]] is a reference to the series ''{{wp|Star of the Giants}}'', where the main character wore a similar contraption on his body, in order to straighten out his arms, making him better at playing baseball. {{MTR}} wore a similar device during a flashback in ''[[SM028|Pulling Out the Pokémon Base Pepper!]]''.
* [[Pose]] is used as an insert song during Charjabug's training montage for the race.