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Dub edits
* The English lyrics to [[Meowth's Song]] were not a translation of the original Japanese lyrics.
* While the Japanese episode merely takes place in a [[Kanto]] town called [[Hollywood]], the dub specifically states that the location is the real-world {{wp|Hollywood}} in California.
* In the {{pmin|Sweden|Swedish}} dub, when Meowth sees Meowzie, a narrtornarrator is added. He says these lines in a kind of cunning, sinister way: "En stjärna dör, en annan föds. Allt i balansens namn. Hehehe, du har tro". Which translates to: "A star dies, another one is born. All in the name of balance. Hehehe, you have faith".
* In the Japanese version, Cleavon Schpielbunk's reason for dragging everyone out to the movie premiere was because they all worked together to make the movie.
* In the final scene, Meowth was originally asking himself why the moon is round.