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* On the Indigo League DVD cover this episode is called ''Hollywood Heartbreak'', though ''Go West, Young Meowth'' is used as the title in the episode itself, including its DVD version.
**The US [[Netflix]] stream release used both titles, calling the episode ''Hollywood Heartbreak / Go West, Young Meowth''.
* ''That Darn Meowth'' is a reference to the film ''{{wp|That Darn Cat}}''.
* The department store is a reference to the jewelry chain {{wp|Tiffany & Co.}}.
* Delia's pose as everyone arrives in Hollywood is a reference to a famous pose by {{wp|Marilyn Monroe}} in the film ''{{wp|The Seven Year Itch}}''.
* The Japanese version contained plenty of references to the previous episode, but the English dub removes all of that.
* Meowth's original narration introduced his flashback that it happened "before [he] had a name, an owner, siblings, a house... anything at all."
* Camp Pokéhearst and ''That Darn Meowth'' (the latter a reference to ''{{wp|That Darn Cat}}'') were unnamed in the Japanese version.
* The English version introduces the sub-plot of Meowth looking for love earlier than the Japanese version, in which he didn't do until later on when he lays eyes on Meowzie.
* Additionally, Meowth talks about eating ice cream, crêpes and [[wikipedia:yaki udon|yaki udon]] in the Japanese version, while in the dub he just mentions the fried chicken he ate in the previous scene.
* The English lyrics to [[Meowth's Song]] were not a translation of the original Japanese lyrics.
* While the Japanese episode merely takes place in a [[Kanto]] town called [[Hollywood]], the dub specifically states that the location is the real-world {{wp|Hollywood}} in California.
* In the {{pmin|Sweden|Swedish}} dub, when Meowth sees Meowzie, a narrtor is added. He says these lines in a kind of cunning, sinister way: "En stjärna dör, en annan föds. Allt i balansens namn. Hehehe, du har tro". Which translates to: "A star dies, another one is born. All iin the name of balance. Hehehe, you have faith".
* In the Japanese version, Cleavon Schpielbunk's reason for dragging everyone out to the movie premiere was because they all worked together to make the movie.
* In the final scene, Meowth was originally asking himself why the moon is round.