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Dub edits
* Meowth's original narration introduced his flashback that it happened "before [he] had a name, an owner, siblings, a house... anything at all."
* The English version introduces the sub-plot of Meowth looking for love earlier than the Japanese version, in which he didn't do until later on when he lays eyes on Meowzie.
* Additionally, Meowth talks about eating ice cream, crêpes and [[wikipedia:yaki udon|yaki udon]] in the Japanese version, while in the dub he just mentions the fried chicken he ate in the previous scene.
* Brock originally said that the reason Hollywood is desolate is because the cost of making movies has gotten too high over the years, and because of the terrible economy, the only movie the town will have to submit to the Binnes Film Festival is "Pokémon: The Movie".
* Meowth didn't originally praise Team Rocket as being illustrious, and said that he only joined the group because he saw the word "Rocket" in his picture book.