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** Pokémon senryū summary: Cold winter; if {{p|Rapidash}} was here, it would be warm.
* A stone tablet very similar to the one that Eve deciphers appears almost exactly four years later in the episode ''[[AG002|A Ruin with a View]]''. It shows up in the possession of [[Professor Alden]], who learns from it the way to get into the stone chamber of the [[Oldale Ruins]].
* James refers to a location in the real world, {{wp|Miami Beach}}.
* This is the second time someone, namely the giant Gengar and Alakazam, doesn't fall asleep to Jigglypuff's song, this time because Jigglypuff was too small to affect them.
* The giant Gengar's ability to trap other people and Pokémon inside its body is somewhat similar to the {{mov|Groudon|fake Groudon|6}} from ''[[M06|Jirachi: Wish Maker]]''. Team Rocket were also trapped inside both.
* The part about Eve writing a book at age nine was exclusive to the English version.
* Instead of talking how she was afraid of doctors when she was eight, Misty originally said that she can't call Eve "Eve-chan" now, but Eve responds by telling Misty to use -chan instead of -hakase, since she proclaims herself as "someone who loves ancicent civilizations".
* In the dub, James refers to a location in the real world, {{wp|Miami Beach}}, after being trapped in the giant Gengar. In the original, he instead comments on the professor's nonchalant attitude.
* Ash commanded Pikachu to use {{m|ThunderShock}} on Gengar and Alakazam to free himself, Misty, Brock, and Eve from being frozen by Gengar. In the original Japanese version, Ash commanded Pikachu to use {{m|Thunderbolt}} on Gengar and Alakazam.
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