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{{samename|Traps in the Mystery Dungeon series|Dungeon tile#Traps|Dungeon tile → Traps}}
{{samename|moves that can trap Pokémon|:Category:Trapping moves|Category:Trapping moves}} ''For the Abilities that can trap Pokémon, see [[:Category:Trapping Abilities|Category:Trapping Abilities]].''
[[File:Underground merchant locations DPPt.png|thumb|256px260px|Location of the merchants who sell and buy Traps from players.]]
A '''Trap''' (Japanese: '''トラップ''' ''Trap'') is an object that can be obtained and used only in [[the Underground]] of [[Sinnoh]]. All Traps, except the [[Digger Drill]], are activated when stepped on and can be buried on the ground to slow down or to stop any Trainer from returning another player's flag to their own [[Secret Base]].